Viper’s Marsh Guide

This is a guide for the 9th and highest adventure in the Peaks of Time. The Dura's Blade artifact can be obtained from it.

The key to this entire adventure is the damage bonus from faction advantages.

This is because at the start you’re given a relic called the “Flag of Courage“. This unique relic buffs your heroes damage by 100% and reduces their damage taken by 25% when they have a factional advantage.

Some of the enemies guarding the crystal treasure chests are actually very strong, so you might have to create a faction specific team for each one.

There’s 4 different crystal treasure chests in this adventure, 3 of them are surrounding a lake in the middle of the map. The 4th one is in the north west and it contains the Dura’s Blade artifact.

Mixed Chief Enemies (North West)

This is the enemy that guards the crystal chest which contains the Dura’s Blade artifact. It’s located North West of the start.

This is actually a pretty easy fight and the easiest out of all the chief enemies on the map. If you just want the artifact it might be a good idea to just go straight for it.

Weak Against: Lightbearers & Wilders.
Strong Against: Lightbearers & Wilders.
Strategy: Don’t use any Lightbearer or Wilder heroes.

Power: 1,057,584

Lightbearer Chief Enemies

Weak Against: Graveborn
Strong Against: Maulers

Power: 1,118,663

Graveborn Chief Enemies

Weak Against: Wilders
Strong Against: Lightbearers

Power: 1,198,122

Maulers Chief Enemies

Weak Against: Lightbearers
Strong Against: Wilders

Power: 1,132,256

Mercenary Encampments

Luckily you do get a bit of help from 4 mercenary encampments on the map.

You can try out 3 of the new heroes added in patch 1.14.01 as well, which is pretty cool.

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