Feature Unlock Requirements

Many features of AFK Arena are either locked behind your campaign progression or VIP level. This is a list of all feature unlock requirements.

Many features of AFK Arena are either locked behind your campaign progression or VIP level.

This is a list of all requirements to unlock each feature.

Keep in mind that the VIP features are purely for convenience rather than something actually required.

Gear EnhancementComplete Stage 1-1
RanhornComplete Stage 1-12
Noble TavernComplete Stage 1-12
Temple of AscensionComplete Stage 1-12
Barracks StoreComplete Stage 1-12
Rickety CartComplete Stage 1-12
Dark ForestComplete Stage 2-4
Arcane LabyrinthComplete Stage 2-4
Labyrinth Store Complete Stage 2-4
Store Complete Stage 2-8
King's TowerComplete Stage 2-12
Library Complete Stage 2-16
Battle Speed x2Complete Stage 2-16 or VIP 2
Guild Complete Stage 2-20
Guild Store Complete Stage 2-20
Arena of HeroesComplete Stage 2-28
Progression Reward Purchases Complete Stage 2-28
Bounty BoardComplete Stage 3-12
Fast Reward Complete Stage 3-36
Wishlist Complete Stage 4-4
Resonating Crystal Complete Stage 4-36
Wall of Legends Complete Stage 4-36
Legends' Challenger TournamentComplete Stage 5-40
ArtifactsComplete Stage 6-4
Peaks of Time Complete Stage 6-4
Guild GroundsComplete Stage 6-4
Voyage of WondersComplete Stage 6-20
MercenariesComplete Stage 6-40
Bountiful TrialsComplete Stage 6-40
Peaks of Time: Unrelenting BlazeComplete Stage 7-4
Peaks of Time: Secrets of the ForestComplete Stage 8-4
The Champions of EsperiaComplete Stage 8-20
The Elder TreeComplete Stage 8-40
Twisted EssenceComplete Stage 8-40
Peaks of Time: Rest in PieceComplete Stage 9-4
Legends' Challenger TournamentComplete Stage 9-20
Challenger Store Complete Stage 9-20
Arcane Labyrinth Hard ModeComplete Stage 9-24
Peaks of Time: The Ancient RuinsComplete Stage 10-4
Legendary+ Gear from Guild StoreComplete Stage 10-22
Mythic Gear from Store Complete Stage 10-22
Peaks of Time: The Far FrontierComplete Stage 11-4
Legendary+ Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 11-18
Field of StarsComplete Stage 11-40
Mythic Gear from Guild Store & Lab MerchantComplete Stage 12-2
Peaks of Time: The Divine RealmComplete Stage 12-4
Bounty Board Autofill Complete Stage 12-40 or VIP 6
The Twisted RealmComplete Stage 12-40
Peaks of Time: Rancid ForestComplete Stage 13-4
Artifact EnhancementComplete Stage 13-40
Peaks of Time: Viper's MarshComplete Stage 14-4
Towers of EsperiaComplete Stage 14-40
The Stargazer Complete Chapter 15 or VIP 13
Peaks of Time: The Dismal DescentComplete Stage 15-4
Abyssal ExpeditionComplete Stage 15-40
Peaks of Time: The Savage WastesComplete Stage 16-4
Mythic Gear from AFK RewardsComplete Stage 16-11
Primordial Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 16
Peaks of Time: The Solar PlaneComplete Stage 17-4
Amplifying Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 17
The Oak InnComplete Chapter 17 & 1 Ascended Hero
Peaks of Time: The Burning WoodsComplete Stage 18-4
Faction Emblems from AFK RewardsComplete Chapter 18
Peaks of Time: The Abysmal DelvesComplete Stage 19-4
Peaks of Time: The Contorted RealmComplete Stage 20-4
Wandering Balloon: The Depths of TimeComplete Stage 20-20
Peaks of Time: The Forgotten MineComplete Stage 20-44
Wandering Balloon: Fields of StoneComplete Stage 20-50
Mythic Tier 1 Gear Upgrades from AFK Rewards & StoreComplete Stage 21-1
Wandering Balloon: Highburn StrongholdComplete Stage 21-20
Battle Speed x4Complete Chapter 21 or VIP 11
Mythic Tier 2 Gear Upgrades Complete Stage 26-1
Dismal LabyrinthComplete Chapter 26 and 30 Normal Lab Runs
Hero Choice Pack1 Ascended Hero
Guild Boss Quick Battle VIP 6
Arena Battle Skip VIP 6
VIP Exclusive SupportVIP 14
VIP Exclusive Redemption CodesVIP 14
+1 Hero Choice Pack DrawVIP 15

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