EsperiArt Contest – AFK Journey Fanart Event

Enter the EsperiArt contest and win amazing prizes!

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Get your paintbrushes and pencils ready and unleash your creativity to win big in the EsperiArt Contest for AFK Journey! Rewards include cash, AFK Journey limited souvenirs and in-game diamonds!

Come and show your artistic skills that bring the enchanting world of AFK Journey to life through your fanart. Let’s see who will be crowned the ultimate EsperiArtist!

⏰ Submission Period: From now until April 27th, 2024.
🧐 Artwork Reviewing: April 27th, 2024 to May 20th, 2024.

All participants will be rewarded with 1,000 diamonds in-game!

The winner will receive $1,500 and 5,000 diamonds.

Table of Contents

Event Rules

Submitted Artwork Requirements

  • The artwork submitted should use the character from AFK Journey, without the limitation of the theme and the art style.
  • The type of artwork can be illustration, comic, chibi, or other drawing types. Magisters can make a choice based on personal preference and advantage.
  • The submitted artwork should be a newly created original finished artwork of yourself, without copyright issues.

How to Submit the Artwork

  • The artwork should be submitted to the official EsperiArt contest website, with your needed information and 3 pieces of the process of the drawing fulfilled.
  • Aside from submitting to the official EsperiArt contest website, all the submitted artwork should be posted on your Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtags #EsperiArt and #AFKJourney, which means the submission is valid.

Suggestion & Restriction

  • The format of the submitted artwork is recommended to be JPG/PNG, with a resolution of more than 300DPI.
  • Please keep the original file of the artwork. If it’s a traditional drawing, please upload it through high-resolution scanning
  • Please note that this event does not accept commercial artwork, artwork by AI, or AI-assisted artwork.The submitted artwork should be positive and friendly for audiences. Objectionable or advertising submissions will be regarded as invalid submissions.

Exhibition Issue & Method

  • After the Winner Announcement, if magisters have doubts or feedback about the selected artwork, please send it to the official Customer Service team or community team. We will re-consider based on the rule and the actual feedback we received.
  • Once you submit your artwork successfully, it also means you allow the official team to show it under the related- theme subjects, the official socials, and inside AFK Journey, with your UID attached.

For other event information, please click the event website to know more details.

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