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Bounty Board

Want to earn some extra coins? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Bounty Board offers heroes a chance to help the local folk of Esperia in return for bounties.

Not only do commoners use the board to help, but also the high lords who aren’t afraid to pay their employees handsomely. Don’t forget to check the bounty board frequently, or you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime.


Your heroes can undertake quests at the bounty board. Once you have selected a quest for a hero to embark on you must them to complete it. Once they have completed the quest you will receive the bounty.

There are two types of quests; solo or team quests. Team quests require several heroes to band together before they can be started.

There’s a leveling system for the bounty board. You have to complete a certain amount of quest to advance to the next level, which will unlock different types of bounties.

You can refresh the quests with 50 Diamonds.

Having a higher VIP level will unlock more bounties.

If you’re at VIP 9, you can use the Autofill feature that will automatically pick the correct heroes needed for each bounty.

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