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Noble Tavern

The Noble Tavern is a building located in the city of Ranhorn. It be can be used to acquire heroes and is the single best method of obtaining them in the game.

General Hero Summon

This is the main source of heroes in the game. It’s what you should be saving diamonds for.

Only ever buy the Summon 10 from it though, it’s a free hero and basically saves you 300 diamonds. This discount doesn’t apply to hero scrolls, so you can spend them whenever you want.


Common Tier Hero: 51.69%
Rare Tier Hero: 43.70%
Elite Tier Hero: 4.61%

Faction Pack

These packs contain heroes from a specific faction. The factions available are rotated on a daily basis. We have a Faction Pack Schedule page if you want to know when certain factions are available.

You can only summon heroes from here with Faction Scrolls, which are fairly rare to acquire. They can be obtained from completing campaign quests, events & buying gift sets.

Faction Packs are the best way to collect the heroes that you need, as it greatly reduces the pool of heroes to choose from.


Common Tier Hero: 51.69%
Rare Tier Hero: 43.70%
Elite Tier Hero: 4.61%

Companion Pack

These packs are available to purchase via companion points that can be exchanged with people on your friends list.

You’re not going to obtain that many of these as you’re limited by how many companion points you can get per day.

They’re completely free heroes though, so you can’t really complain.


Common Tier Hero: 52.80%
Rare Tier Hero: 44.79%
Elite Tier Hero: 2.41%

Tavern Tokens

Each hero summoned in the tavern will grant 1 tavern token. 100 tokens can be exchanged for an elite hero of your faction choice.

Heroes summoned by via the companion pack do not reward tavern tokens.

Stargazing Room

This was added in patch 1.14.01. It can only be accessed after completing chapter 15 of the campaign.

The cost of using this is quite steep. It currently costs 500 diamonds for 1 chance of loot, and 5000 for 10x.

It’s a very good way to target a specific hero you need for ascension and also a good source of artifact fragments. This is very much an endgame NPC though, you probably don’t want to be spending your diamonds hero unless you’re looking for an epic of a certain hero.

Stargazing Rewards

1 Elite Hero (2%) (Specific hero, rotated daily).
30,000 Diamonds (0.01%)
Mythic Gear (0.07%)
Artifact Fragments (3.5%)
Arena Tickets (5.01%)
Elite Hero Faction Cards (0.8%)
Rare Hero Faction Cards (2.25%)
Rare Enhancement Tokens (4.5%)
Common Enhancement Tokens (9.36%)
Elite Hourglasses (4.5%)
Rare Hourglasses (9.36%)

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