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Arcane Labyrinth

Your goal in the arcane labyrinth is to defeat the final boss of each floor. There are 3 floors in total, with each one getting progressively harder.

You’ll have 48 hours to attempt to clear the labyrinth, it will then be completely reset and you can try again in a fresh one.

Tips for Completion

Prioritize defeating enemies over anything else, unless you really want a hero from the wagon or an item from the vendor. The more relics you have, the easier the lab will be overall.

Pick the best relics. If you’ve aiming for hard mode this is extremely important as the mini-boss Wrizz can be very hard to defeat. Check out the Relic Tier List to find out which ones are the best.

Try to avoid certain dangerous enemies on stages. Silvina & Athalia can burst down an hero very quickly, Brutus is annoying to deal with, Shemira is a nuclear bomb waiting to happen.

You can reset a battle before one of your heroes dies. This will set the heroes back to the exact state they were before the battle began. Setting the speed to x1 can help with this as well.


Defeating enemies will in the labyrinth will reward many things, including Labyrinth Tokens that can be spent in a special store that has specific heroes to buy.

The final boss of each floor will always have higher rewards.

The selection of heroes found in the store will always be the same, they never get removed or switched around. Occasionally more will be added to it though, via game updates.

Dura’s Tears

This is unique item that is only usable in the labyrinth. It will resurrect all dead heroes and fully restore the health and energy of ones still alive.

They can be obtained from weekly quests. Use them whenever you need, because clearing the labyrinth is more important than hoarding the item.

The only time I’d say is best to hold off on using them is if you’re at enemies that you cannot defeat even with all of your heroes alive with full health.


Each enemy camp you defeat in the labyrinth will reward you a choice of 3 relics to choose from. These items have special effects on them that will be active during every battle.

Relics can only be used within the Arcane Labyrinth. You don’t need to equip them, they will be automatically active.

All relics will be disappear once the labyrinth has been reset.

Hard Mode

This is a new feature that was added in patch 1.18. Once you complete the boss of the second floor, you can then choose between 2 different portals.

Note: DON’T do hard mode unless you can easily clear floor 2. It is probably as much as 10x harder, mainly due to the Wrizz bosses.

The Fire portal will take you to a floor that will be significantly harder, but also have better rewards.

The Abandoned Wagons found in hard mode will be a boss, and defeating it will reward the hero that you have to battle against.

There will also be a “Cave of Treasures” on one of the stages. Defeating the boss will reward a large amount of currency. There is 3 different currency prizes that can be rewarded, but you’ll only receive one of them and it cannot be chosen.


Perhaps regarded as the most enigmatic place in Esperia, the Arcane Labyrinth has had many an adventurer step into it, only to never be seen or heard from again.

The hope of obtaining the great treasures rumored to lay deep within has been the downfall of many adventurers. At its center lies a vortex that has radiated magical energies since the dawn of time.

The vortex’s green brilliance has been said to have held people in a trance for a whole lifetime.

Those lucky enough to have made it out reported finding themselves being followed and tormented by phantasms and other inexplicable creatures.

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