Rickety Cart

The Rickety Cart allows you to reset and retire heroes.

The Rickety Cart allows you to reset, retire & revert heroes.

Resetting Heroes

This is quite honestly one of the best features in the game.

When you reset a hero, EVERYTHING you’ve invested into it will be given back to you.

The gear it is wearing will be put back into your bags.

It costs 20 Diamonds per hero to reset.

Retiring Heroes

Only common (green) heroes can be retired.

Unless you’re just starting out and don’t have anything better, the only purpose of green heroes is to retire them.

If you don’t care about common heroes at all, you can use the auto-retire feature to automatically retire any new common heroes that are acquired.

Reverting Heroes

This feature is for players that may of accidentally ascended a hero by mistake.

“Ascended” tier heroes that are currently at Legendary+ or higher can have their ascension level reverted back to Elite.

Reverting them will also grant a certain amount Rare cards for the faction that they belong to.

It costs 500 diamonds for each hero to be reverted.

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