Unions can be formed in the Library building. This is a guide on how they work.

Unions can be formed in the library. They are activated by inserting all required heroes into each slot on the union page.

You can use heroes you own and those owned by people on your friend’s list.

That’s one of the many reasons to max out your friends list with active players ASAP.

List of Unions

Union Buffs

You can acquire three different buffs from each union. The first buff just requires three of those heroes. The second one requires three heroes in Epic+ rarity, and the third one needs all those in Legendary+ rarity.

These buffs apply additional attributes to all heroes in that specific union.

They’re not permanent. If the union is broken because a friend was removed, etc., you’ll lose them.

How Do The Union Buffs Work?

There might be a bit of confusion as to when the buffs apply.

Once the buffs are activated, all heroes you own of that union will passively receive them.

The rarity of the heroes you own does not need to match the buffs. It applies to all heroes, regardless of their quality.

They don’t need to be on the same team to receive the buffs either; each individual hero of the union will have additional attributes at all times until they are deactivated.

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