AFK Arena The Dragon Slayers Union Guide

The Dragon Slayers

The Dragon Slayers are a union consisting of Vurk, Numisu & Saveas.

Union Attributes

Use Three Heroes
+25 Defense, +1% HP

Use Three of the following: Elite+
+15 Crit, +5% Attack

Use Three of the following: Legendary+
+2000 HP, +30 Dodge, +10% HP

Union Story

“Word has it that a dragon was seen emerging from the dark caverns of the far reaches, in no man’s land.”

Hearing these words, the rumble within the ale tent suddenly fell silent.

“It was said that two adventurers, who didn’t value their lives too much, ventured into the cavern and have yet to be seen coming out of it”

Hearing these words, Vurk’s two large triangular ears swiveled toward the voice, twitching a few times as they tried to catch the words better. He shot over towards the speaker and smashed his cup into theirs on arrival.

“A dragon, you say?”

The hulking Tauren sized Vurk up and down and responded gruffly:

“What makes you worthy to speak to me, rat?”

Vurk remained unperturbed. He slowly reached toward his jacket, calmly unbuttoning it to reveal a gleaming badge, the signet of Saveas, to the Tauren. The beast’s expression immediately changed. He dropped to the dusty ground and began kowtowing to Vurk, taking him for Saveas.

“Saveas! My apologies.. If I’d only known”

The hunched figure said.

“Rise, I don’t want you revealing my identity in a place like this. Now tell me what you know about this dragon”

Vurk responded.

“You there!”

A loud and angry voice bellowed, interrupting the conversation. An angry looking Satyr stood, glaring at Vurk.

“You! It was you who stole my badge! Give that back to me”

The Satyr growled.

“You dare to accuse the great Saveas of stealing your badge?!”

The Tauren asked in disbelief. He pulled up his sleeves, looking as if he were preparing to fight. The two Maulers glared at each other, neither backing down from the confrontation. Saveas leapt at the Tauren with his spear in hand. It was at this moment that an odd-looking witch doctor, adorned in a strange mask and holding a large staff appeared.

“Stop, Saveas”

Saveas froze in place like a statue, looking as if time had paused for him alone.

“We are all brothers in arms, why do you fight amongst yourselves?”

Spoke the witch doctor Vurk didn’t like it when he couldn’t tell where something was going. He shouted at the stranger:

“Who is this.. this thing?!”

“Who I am matters not, but I know you. You are Vurk, The Devious, the thief that stole from the spider’s nest.”

Replied the witch doctor, turning to face Saveas.

“This one is the head of the Satyr clan.”

Said the witch doctor nodding to the frozen form. The Tauren wore a look of astonishment, thanking the gods that he hadn’t attacked Saveas, as it would not have ended well for him. Vurk noticed the look of rage building in the Tauren’s furrowed brow. He hastily pulled out the badge and handed it back to its rightful owner. Saveas.

“Just a joke! This rounds on me!”

He said as he laughed nervously to himself.

It soon became apparent to the three adventurers that they were brought together for one reason only; the dragon. The dragon presented a challenge for the maulers. Some wished to see themselves named “The Dragonslayer” while others wished to be awarded the large bounty put on its head for killing many innocents. Saveas though simply wanted to test himself, one on one with the dragon.

It was at this time the witch doctor decided to introduce himself. He told the men/maulers of his name. He was Numisu, the first witch doctor to use his voodoo magic in bathe, an unprecedented and awe-inspiring ability. He hoped to use the dragon’s blood for his own voodoo magic, to strengthen his totems. Vurk, upon hearing this, reflected on his bad luck.

His chances of slaying the dragon and taking all its vast treasures for himself were dwindling by the moment.

“Out of blows, friendship grows! Drink up my friends, it’s on me!”

Vurk said as he raised his cup to Saveas and Numisu. Saveas gradually let his guard down as the three of them smashed their cups together. Vurk gave a quick glance at the flagon of ale, confirming that the sleeping powder had had secretly added had entirely dissolved. He made a convenient excuse, promised to return shortly, and ventured out into the night in search of his dragon.

He entered the cavern full of confidence. He had come prepared, with enough poison on him to kill a whole herd of cattle, or one dragon. Silently descending, he soon saw the shimmer of gold and jewels before his eyes. There lying amidst the shimmering riches lay the thina. soundly asleep. Vurk tread softly. determined not to rouse the giant from its slumber. He drew a large dagger, slick with poison and then softly pushed it up under one of the dragon’s scales. To the dragon this was nothing more than a mosquito bite, and a few minutes later, Vurk could no longer hear the great beast drawing breath.

“Everything is weak when it’s sleeping”.

He then pulled out a large sack, planning to fill full to bursting with treasure.

His moment was interrupted when Numisu and Saveas came rushing into the cavern. Seeing Vurk atop the mountain of treasure threw Saveas into a rage.

“Vurk you conniving rodent!”

He launched his spear towards Vurk. Vurk stood still, locked to the ground in shock as he saw the spear fly toward him in slow motion. He could only watch as the sharp gleam came closer and closer, only for it to graze the top of his head, thudding into

the surface behind him. He turned to see the spear’s final landing place, and to his horror it wasn’t lodged in anything. It was held in the grasp of the awakened dragon, transfixing Vurk with its gaze and very certainly breathing.

“Run! What are you waiting for!”

Saveas yelled, already starting back the way they’d came. Numisu immediately summoned a war totem to keep the beast distracted for a few seconds while Vurk managed to make a quick escape.

The three ran for their lives as the dragon chased in hot pursuit, Vurk still with his large sack of treasure draped over his shoulder. They looked back behind them to see the war totem burst into fragments when the dragon’s tail smashed into it. The dragon was gaining on them. They’d have to stand and fight.

Numisu gesticulated wildly, summoning war totems from every available surface. As quickly as he could call them into the world, the dragon would swipe, bite, and lash at them, shattering Numisu’s work left and right. Saveas darted in and out of reach, presenting himself as a target before nimbly hopping aside, jabbing out with his spear to draw attention or discourage attacks. Vurk was nowhere to be seen until he appeared as if from thin air on the monster’s rippling back. Bounding off of spikes and scales, he made his way to the thing’s head. It shook its massive skull about, trying to dislodge the annoyance, and then suddenly, with a screech, it collapsed. A crossbow bolt was planted deep in a giant golden eye.

The heroes had each accomplished what they sought to do, and it was obvious that with their various disparate talents used in concert, they would be even greater than the already considerable sum of their parts.

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