AFK Arena 1.126 Patch Notes

Here are the full AFK Arena 1.126 patch notes for the latest game update from the test server. This includes a Dimensional Hero: Robin Hood - The Heroic Bandit.

New Heroes

Added a non-limited edition Dimensional Hero: Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit. Adventurers can test play Robin Hood or purchase him for half price as of Local Time:09/10/2023 05:30. Once the half-price limited-time offer has ended, the hero can still be purchased for his original price by navigating to “Merchants – Merchant Ship – Dimension Deals”.

Added a new event that allows players to exchange Robin Hood, which will be viewable from Local Time:09/10/2023 05:30. Adventurers will not be able to exchange this hero immediately, but shall be able to collect the corresponding tokens beforehand and exchange them to directly summon this hero as of Local Time:01/12/2023 05:30. Once this limited-time exchange event has concluded, adventurers that do not possess Robin Hood can still acquire him at the Challenger Store by exchanging his Soulstones. Please view the in-game rules for specifics.

Added the Bountiful Trials event for Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit, as well as an Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time:09/10/2023 05:30.

New Additions and Optimizations

Added a new beast – Radish Rotunda. Adventurers can enter Beast Grounds to lure and capture them after completing Stage 14-40.

Added a new Fantastic Beasts adventure – The Lost Veggie. Adventurers can join the challenge after completing Stage 14-40.

A new Abyssal Expedition – Vault of Time beta season shall commence on Local Time:09/10/ 2023 05:30. Players that have passed Stage 15-40 are eligible to enroll and participate in it. The following adjustments have been made to the

Abyssal Expedition:

Added a brand-new map that allows adventurers to advance by land and the Floating Isles.

  • Added a new final bass – Sky Serpent, which adventurers can battle after reaching Dragonfall.
  • Added Floating Stonepiles. Adventurers can shatter them to acquire floating rocks, which can be used to build links between different Floating Isles.
  • Added Dragon Stones. Adventurers can defeat all the garrison to activate Dragon Stone effects and weaken such skill effects of the Sky Serpent.
  • Adjusted enemy attributes. For specifics, please refer to the game.
  • The enrollment period is changed to 4 days.
  • In this experimental season of Abyssal Expedition, the leaderboard display will be maintained but rank rewards will not be issued.

Updated the Boss formation in the Nightmare Corridor feature: The Fire Daemon is replaced with the Mirror Demon.

Added the adventure, Manor Mystery, to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from Local Time: 10/10/2023 05:30.

Added the Gold Rush adventure to Wandering Balloon, which will be available from Local Time: 14/10/2023 05:30, and can be unlocked by completing Campaign Stage 39-10 and 60% of The Sealing Sword.

Added a formation batch remove function.

Optimized the mercenary deployment rules. Adventurers can choose whether to deploy mercenaries when using a recommended formation.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Isabella – The Taken Soul

  • Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, the source of terrifying effects caused by the Furniture Skill, Concentrated Sorcery, was misjudged.

Orthros – The Seer of Origins

  • Fixed an issue where, in certain extreme situations, Time Suspension caused an abnormal total battle duration.
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