AFK Arena 1.130 Patch Notes

New Heroes 1.Added a new Mauler Hero: Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer. New Additions and Optimizations Game Adjustments and Optimizations

New Heroes

1.Added a new Mauler Hero: Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer.

  1. The new hero Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer will be available to test play from Local Time: 30/ 11/2023 21:00.
  2. Added a Bountiful Trials event for Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer, as well as its Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time:30/11/2023 21:00.

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. Added the adventure “Heart of Marella’ to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from Local Time: 04/12/2023 21:00.
  2. Added a new winter-themed appearance to both Ranhorn and the Dark Forest.
  3. The event “Treasure Vanguard” will be available from Local Time: 30/11/2023 21:00, where Treasure Finders will receive invitations from various factions to compete with them for rewards. The following changes have been made:
    – Added Commander Quests. Treasure Commanders can post operation quests. Treasure Finders can enjoy resource bonuses through dispatches for corresponding operations.
    – Added a Battle Report interface in Faction Intel for viewing ranking changes.
    – Faction rewards will be distributed after the event ends instead of after battles.
    – Improved the matching feature for Treasure Commander quests.
    – Added various language chat channels for different factions.
  4. Collections function optimizations: canceled the cooldown from mounting or dismounting Collections on or from a hero.
  5. The skins, The Sweet Prancer for Flora and King’ s Break for Arthur, will be available for purchase for a limited time again at their original prices at the Wardrobe. The skins will be removed from the Wardrobe after the event.
  6. Once the limited-time exchange event for Dimensional Heroes has concluded, adventurers that do not possess Robin Hood- The Heroic Bandit can still acquire him at the Labyrinth store by exchanging his Soulstones. For those who already have him, his Soulstones in the store will be replaced by Emblems of Space.
  7. The boss formation for “Nightmare Corridor” is updated: Mask Curator is replaced by The Unhinged.
  8. Added a new chapter to the campaign – Chapter 62 – Silent Hunting Grounds, and reduced the difficulty for certain stages of Chapter 61.
  9. A new Misty Valley season has commenced on Local Time: 02/1 2/2023 21:00. Adventurers can join it and start new challenges.
  10. Improved the use-a-recommended-formation function. If multiple Awakened heroes are deployed in a recommended formation, their Awakened skill selections will also be used.

Game Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. Daemia – Lady of Summer
    – Fixed an issue where, in extreme circumstances, effects imposed on summoned entities were not correctly removed when Lush Shade created by the Ultimate skill “Floral Shade” ends.
  2. Lyca – The Dawnbringer
    – Fixed an issue that, in certain circumstances, caused some effects provided by Lyca’s skil, Starfall Smite, to end early while the skill Time Control of the Collections, Timeline Watch, is active.
  3. Thrilling Voyage – Judgment Chronicle
    – Fixed anomalies that were affecting the completion of some stage challenge goals.
  4. Alaro – Desert’s Eye
    – Fixed an issue where, in certain rare circumstances, Dummy Double provided shields for untargetable entities.
  5. Commander of the Waves – Jerome
    – Fixed an issue where, in extreme circumstances, the Ape Admiral did not disappear after Jerome was defeated.
  6. Collections – Timeline Watch
    – Fixed an issue where, in certain rare situations, time freeze did not end properly.
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