AFK Arena FAQ, April 10th, 2019

Lilith Games have released an FAQ on their Official Facebook page. It has some pretty interesting answers related to future of the game. It includes improving hero summons, "Mop-up" feature for guild bosses and a new event for Easter.

Lilith Games have recently released a QnA/FAQ post on their Official Facebook page, which can be found here. It has some pretty interesting answers related to future of the game.

Table of Contents

The FAQs

Q: With the addition of many more heroes, it is increasingly difficult to acquire the heroes that I require. What are you doing to improve the hero summoning experience?
A: We are currently working on a new system that will resolve the problem of the hero summon probabilities being lowered with the increased quantity of new heroes. We are also working to fix the amount of green heroes appearing when summoning heroes.

Q: The Guild Wars feature doesn’t interest me. Are there any new plans for Guild Wars?
A: We are currently optimizing the Guild Wars system, which includes but is not limited to competitive modes and balance adjustments. You can keep an eye on in-game notifications for more information on this.

Q: Are them any plans to implement a feature that allows heroes to swap their levels with one another?
A: We are currently working on a feature that will allow heroes to level up to their highest level with one push of a button, so long as the resources to do so are available.

Q: I have to fight the guild boss over and over again which is becoming tiresome. Are there any plans to change this?
A: We are planning to release a ‘Mop-up’ feature that allows players to fight the guild bosses once. After having fought once, players can then skip repetitive battles by allowing the system to automatically calculate the results and rewards without the need to undergo many battles themselves.

Q: Will there be any events coming soon?
A: Our Global launch event will be taking place on April 10th and our Easter event will also be underway over Easter. We are currently working on even more events for the future too!

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