Best Value Purchases

This guide is aimed at showing which purchases are the best value for money in the game.

This guide is aimed at showing which purchases are the best value for money in the game.

Spending real money on a game isn’t for everyone obviously, but if you’re going to do it then you’ll want to make the most of it!

1.) Advancement Rewards

Easily the most value for money purchase in the game.

You’ll get 45,000 diamonds in total for completing every chapter up to 19. This will take a while for a new player to get the full benefit, but luckily there’s no time limit to complete the chapters.

Be warned though, this is unfortunately a limited time purchase and will go away permanently once expired.

If you’re going to play the game a lot and want to spend a bit of cash, this is the purchase to make.

2.) Regal Rewards Premium Pass

This is a pretty generous offer and is definitely worth buying.

You’ll get 550 Elite Hero Soulstones in total, which is about 9 Elite heroes. You’ll also receive 5500 diamonds.

This “event” will only unlock sometime after your account has been active for 8 days, so don’t worry if you can’t see it yet.

Also, based on previous times this has been up, it seems to reset very soon after finishing. You’ll have to purchase it again though.

3.) Subscription Cards

Both the Monthly and Deluxe Monthly cards are excellent value for money and are relatively cheap.

The Deluxe subscription is slightly better value than the normal one.

Things to Avoid

The daily gift set with 10 Elite hero stones and 24hrs of gold might be cheap, but it’s not value for money.

Avoid any deals that only offer EXP or Enhancement Tokens. EXP is easy to obtain from AFK Rewards, and Enhancing your gear is low priority for progression.

Avoid deals with Stargazer cards, unless you’re at endgame and trying to obtain a specific rare hero such as Elijah & Lailah.

General Tips

The weekly/monthly packs that contain Faction Scrolls and/or Common Hero Scrolls are generally very good value. Faction Scrolls are pretty rare to obtain, and mostly come from completing chapters.

Prioritize deals & daily gift sets with Hero’s Essence. This is the primary bottleneck in the game, you need A LOT of it and every single bit will help.

The daily gifts with signature item emblems are very good once you’ve got mythic heroes and are reaching endgame. Emblems cost A LOT of gold to buy from the store and are fairly rare to obtain from AFK Rewards. If you want to fast track your signature items (which are very strong), this is currently the best source of doing that.

New Player “Global Launch” Sets

New players have limited offer gift sets available to them. Once they expire, they’re permanently gone.

All of the sets provide the same amount of diamonds as the “First Time Purchase” offer of the diamond only packs in the gift shop.

1.) Launch Luxury Set (Brutus)

The best value for money out of all of them is the Global Launch Luxury Set (the one with Brutus). Unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive.

However, Brutus is a very strong hero after level 60 and obtaining him early on can definitely make your progress in the game an easier ride.

2.) Launch Luxury Set (Estrilda)

Estilda isn’t really the best hero, but she’s not bad and you’re guaranteed to have her at Elite+ instantly if you buy this set, as she’s also a reward for your first purchase.

The other sets aren’t really worth it in my opinion, unless you’re planning on buying only diamonds from the gift shop.

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