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Developer Feedback – 09/12/2019

Each week, a select few game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer some of the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

This week it’s more of a QnA rather than just feedback to suggestions. The main focus is on the new Dimensional heroes.

Question #1

How to get a Dimensional Hero?

There are currently two ways of obtaining Dimensional Heroes: Purchase Hero Shards from the Labyrinth Store or Dimensional Hero Time-Limited Packs from the ‘Merchants’ Page.

Please note that the Dimensional Hero package in the ‘Merchants’ Page will return to its original price after the limited time promotion is over.

Note: You won’t be able to summon Dimensional Heroes using scrolls or elite soulstones.

Question #2

How to ascend Dimensional Heroes?

There is no need to ascend a Dimensional Hero using his multiple copies. You can improve his ascension rank and level by establishing a soul link with another hero!

In a non-linked state, the Dimensional Hero can be ascended normally.

Since the initial ascension level of all Dimensional heroes is elite, they can reach level 100. As soon as you are able to pass the stage 4-36 in your campaign, you can create a soul link with the Dimensional Hero and any non-Dimensional hero with a higher rank in the Temple of Ascension.

After establishing the link, the Dimensional Hero will maintain the same ascension grade and level as the other hero. You won’t however be able to manually upgrade that Dimensional hero!

You can also use a small amount of diamonds to remove the soul link.

Question #3

How to get gear for Dimensional Heroes?

Dimensional Hero faction equipment can only be obtained in two places: purchased from the Guild Store, or acquired from Dimensional Hero time-limited packages from the ‘Merchant’ Page.

Note: You won’t be able to get Dimensional Hero gear from other places, such as the AFK rewards or other stores.

Question #4

How to obtain Signature Item materials for Dimensional Heroes?

Once you have a Dimensional Hero, you can purchase advancement materials for their Signature Items in the Labyrinth Store.

That only applies to Dimensional Heroes with unlocked Signature items. If the Dimensional Hero’s ascension rank is lower than Mythic, you won’t be able to purchase those exclusive materials.

Question #5

Is there anything else I should know about the Dimensionals?

The two heroes who are linked together cannot be placed in the same team at the same time!

The two heroes who have established a soul link have their own unique equipment, artifacts and exclusive equipment. Unfusing the soul link does not affect the equipment, artifacts and Signature Items of any of those heroes.

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