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A Musical Tribute

A Musical Tribute is a special event for AFK Arena’s 2nd Anniversary.


You can unlock the hero chest sooner by solving the clues and finding the musical note each day.

Clue 1: Go to Heroes > Portraits > Rosaline > Story

Clue 2: Go to The Oak Inn and find the little dwarf in the bottom left corner (If you don’t have it unlocked you’ll need to visit a friends inn).

Clue 3: Go the The Noble Tavern and check the table under Dolly.

Clue 4: Go to Campaign > World Map > Chapter 3 Yggdrasil.

Clue 5: Go to the Trading Hub and find the Shop Owner.

Clue 6: Go to the Temple of Ascension.

Clue 7: Go to the Campaign screen next to the Community button.


During the event, players are able to claim up to 7 daily login rewards.

Players can unlock the corresponding Musical Note Clues after claiming login rewards for the day. By following the clues, players can try to find the corresponding Musical Notes hidden throughout the game, and then illuminate them at event page.

In addition to daily login rewards, a final reward chest will be unlocked on day 14 of the event. Players can unlock this reward chest in advance by illuminating Musical Notes.

Each time a player illuminates a Musical Note, the progress of the reward chest will be advanced by 1 day. If a player illuminates all 7 Musical Notes, they can claim the reward chest by day 7 of the event at the earliest.

Players can tap on each illuminated Musical Note to play its corresponding tune. When players illuminate all of the Musical Notes and claim the final reward chest, the complete musical score can be played.


The main rewards for this are:

  • Hero Choice Chest with Raku, Peggy or Flora.
  • Limited 2021 Two Year Anniversary Frame.
  • Currency (Shown in image above).
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