AFK Arena Furniture Tier List

This is a tier list for furniture items added to the new Oak Inn feature.

This is a tier list for furniture items added to the Oak Inn feature.

They provide the same kind of benefit that signature items do. Basic stat rewards for each piece, and then 2 special effects unlocked when either 3 or 9 mythic furniture pieces are collected and placed.

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The wishlist allows players to target specific heroes for mythic furniture. Setting it up with the heroes you want to target is the most important thing to do in the Oak Inn.

Ideally once a hero has 3/3 it’s probably best to remove it from the wishlist, although if you don’t have a huge amount of ascended heroes then sticking to the same ones is fine.

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List

These ratings are based solely on the power of the actual skills, not the hero itself.

Credit to Whitesushii for the notes on each furniture!

The list can be filtered by “Hero” & “Faction“.


SSStraight up 60% damage reduction is substantial on a hero who has trouble surviving not to mention the crowd control immunity. It is important to note that Ezizh takes 60% less damage from all targets (not just the one controlled).Hypogean

SSCondition is easily fulfilled and it's straight up 80% damage on a damage based carry. Athalia also auto attacks a lot and the stats on the furniture itself are decent too.Celestial

SSAoE fear on execute is a yes, more damage on her execute is also a yes. Both are potent effects which are extremely easy to take advantage of.Graveborn

SSSurvivability is huge and you get haste increase for your allies on top of that. Everytime Tasi gets hit, her blink gets 0.5s off so we are looking at almost one blink every 2s with both her furniture effects.Wilder

SSLyca does considerable damage in fights so hitting more targets only improve her damage output. Furthermore, it also syn-ergize with "Foe's Fragility" to debuff enemies.Wilder

SSWith the right formation, you can take advantage of all 3 effects passives. In other words, this is a formation defining furniture effect.Mauler

SSSlight translation error where Khasos gains 22% damage reduction per living backline ally. That said, 50 crit amplification 45% defense rating and 20% attack rating for Khasos on top of that is great even if Khasos has yet to find his way into the meta.Mauler

SSStraight up 40% damage reduction with a very consistent and strong 9/9 effect that can swing the fight in her favour. As such, she has seen some play in PvE although not enough to make up for the gap betwen her and other more dominant carries.Mauler

SSThane's damage is greatly increased against all his targets with 3/9 while 9/9 gives him even more damage and indirectly some survivability as you spend more time casting your ultimate.Lightbearer

SSGives Rosaline a good chunk of damage and the potential to interupt enemies with the mini stun. That said, this doesn't make her strong enough to be the primary damage dealer so the impact is limited.Lightbearer

SSMuch stronger after it was buffed.Graveborn

SA3/9 damage is just alright but lifesteal is amazing in helping Talene get back into the fight which means more damage and more time tanking. 9/9 effect is very easy to proc and the shield/damage is a nice cherry on top.Celestial

SAUsually I don't value consistency but when Pippa's ultimate is so random, having every consecutive cast being the same is nice. That said, the boost effect is underwhelming. 9/9 is just decent and makes her spam ultimates more.Wilder

SAQuite situational since not only does the enemy have to do damage to Daimon, the effect only lasts 3s which Daimon may not be able to take advatange of. His 9/9 improves the consistency of the abili- but doesn't offer anything ty game-changing to his kit.Graveborn

SA3/9 is amazing and when paired with a carry like Talene or Saurus, keeps Orthros alive which in turns creates an unkillable duo. 9/9 isn't game changing but it is well worth on a good hero.Celestial

Wu Kong
SABy shortening his downtime out of ultimate, you greatly increase Wukong's potency as a tank. His furniture also gives him some much needed critical rating. 9/9 isn't game changing but helps improve his sustain slightly.Celestial

SAStraight up gaining priority in a fight is substantial and additionally gives Zolrath a bit of ramp up in the fight. 9/9 is alright if you build around having Zolrath die last to trigger Dejavu but that is niche since Zolrath doesn't make for a powerful PvE carry in most scenarios.Hypogean

SAIzold's 3/9 makes or breaks the hero as it's capable of granting him enough damage to break through some of the strongest enemies. His 9/9 sounds hard to achieve but 45 stacks is very doable and saves you a lot of animation time that potentially kills Izold (about 1/3).Graveborn

SASylvan Oath is a strong passive and having a 100% proc rate on it with 3/9 is significant. His 9/9 seems underwhelming but more damage on a carry (on top of stats) means higher damage ceiling and increased PvE pushing potential.Wilder

SAWhile healing reduction isn't universally usable, it is amazing in the right situations. Against healers, fights are also long enough to take advantage of this effect. 9/9 makes this ability a lot more consistent but the impact isn't there.Mauler

SAConsistency and 15% damage is nice but ultimately not significant in PvE given players can reroll fights. Her 9/9 is a win-more effect since if you can kill 1 enemy, you typically can kil them all and rarely makes the difference.Lightbearer

SA3/9 can be used both defensively to help Khazard survive and offensively to control an enemy. His 9/9 isn't particularly strong since it's 15% damage and only when they're frozen. Khazard also relies on CC to kill enemies so killing them earlier isn't very meaningful,Hypogean

SAA lot of people think his 9/9 is good but it's average at best. There's a translation error where Ferael only stuns enemies when he auto atack them, not as soon as they get 3 spirits. Unfortunately, Ferael doesn't atack much, about 7 times in 90s not counting accursed arrows.Graveborn

SAEasy to trigger effect that not only gives Albedo a considerable amount of damage, but also lets her absorb damage for the entire team for 10s (better Brutus). Her 9/9 is overall decent but rarely game-changing.Dimensional

SAIncreasing a target's damage taken from all sources by 30% is amazing since it's a pseudo 150% damage boost for your team. This is also the reason why she's seeing more play for bosses. That said, this effect only affects 1 target and has nothing to do with her ultimate.Lightbearer

ASPowerful boost for your main carry which drastically raises their damage ceiling and lets you potentially kill enemies you otherwise cannot. His 9/9 is alright as some of the strongest pairings are melee heroes such as Eironn and Izold.Graveborn

ASGiven how Zaphrael has the tendency to blink behind enemy lines, dealing a 2s stun everytime he takes damage is substantial. That said his 3/9 being a 0.5s makes it a lot less impactful.Celestial

ASSmall boost to shield and guarnteed explosion is nice. When coupled with his 9/9, allows all his Skeleton Warriors to trigger the explosion which deals damage but more importantly reduce enemy energy.Graveborn

AS3/9 is alright since it helps her survive a bit better and gives her energy for a faster ultimate. Her 9/9 can be played as a versatile opener counter similar to Athalia to disable multiple enemies for up to 6s.Wilder

ASLets Kelthur do a bit more stuff when he's dead but Kelthur's main strength comes from his signature item which isn't triggered when he is dead. That said, it is alright if you are cheesing with Thoran and his 9/9 is decently useful when he's alive.Graveborn

Ainz Ooal Gown
BS3/9 has a translation error that only buffs the next cast rather than all casts so most fights it only affects 1 skill. 9/9 is amazing as Ainz casts his ultimate around 20s and having the nuke earlier means less chance of you dying or enemies healing in that 4s before and after your ultimate.Dimensional

Elijah & Lailah
SBAgain a translation error where effect applies when either one of them takes 70% accumulated damage which is harder to proc. That said, being able to put Twins on frontline and have this boost surviv- ability means an earlier ultimate and earlier scaling.Celestial

AALucretia is mostly used in cheese comps where the fight ends fast enough that the benefits of energy recovery rate reduction and ultimate denial isn't obvious. That's not to mention the flames itself have a small AoE and doesn't hit as many targets as you'd like to (backline mage).Hypogean

AAVery powerful effect but does nothing for the first 15-20s of the fight until he casts his ultimate by which the fight should have already been over. As such in most scenarios, this is a win-more effect.Mauler

AAKaz is a single target hero so you need to rely on her Elusive Strike to apply additional poison (and that's only once every 8s). Even so, the damage is negligible (and doesn't stack while accuracy/energy recovery reduction are only meaningful in a PvP context.Wilder

AARigby opens the fight with this ability, granting 25% damage reduction immediately and casts it another 2 times within the first 15s. While 75% damage reductions is strong, the player needs to adjust his formation such that the desirable target has the damage reduction.Lightbearer

AAThe AoE of resurrection is small enough that besides fringe scenarios, enemies that get hit by resurrection are almost al- ready in range of his retaliation. His 9/9 is also not very substantial (only 15% energy) although given the nature of Thoran cheese, it is usable.Graveborn

AAShemira suffers from the Lucius syndrome of not casting her ultimate on time and her furniture overcomes it altogether. Her 9/9 gives her better survivability but does little to address her other core problem being the lack of damage for later stages.Graveborn

AATorne is a scaling hero with his signature item and Absorption so having up to a guaranted 56% health in shield could make the difference in helping him surviving and scaling and him just dying outright.Graveborn

AAVery stackable effect and goes all the way up to 90% attack rating which is substantial. That said, it's not impactful enough to help Ukyo overcome his fundamental flaw of being a melee assassin.Dimensional

AALilith tried to make the effect better by removing it's previous frontline conditional but still isn't enough since Lucius is a backline hero and boosting defense/energy gain for another backline hero isn't very meaningful.Lightbearer

AAAlmost permanent 25% damage reduc- tion given his fast attack speed and makes him tankier in campaign although it can be partially offset by placing him smartly. That said being a key hero for Twisted Realm, the stats on his furnitures does help.Wilder

AATwins ultimate gives allies 75 haste whereas comparatively, Flora only gives a difference of 36. That's not to mention Flora's effect depends on how many allies/enemies are clustered in the AoE. That said, haste is haste.Celestial

AACecilia's targets don't lose symbols and enemies can only be affected by a maximum of 5 symbols so more symbols is meh. That said, her 9/9 is mistranslated and allows her to cast her ultimate on two targets which is decent but not game changing.Lightbearer

AAThe effect isn't strong and dragging out the fight for 2-10 more seconds is usually irrelevant with your carries dead. That said, there are niche situations where the effect makes a difference such as when trying to buy time for Lucretia cheese.Mauler

ABRequires you to be already winning the fight and doesn't give you much value on top if it. The tenacity however can prove useful for escaping control in niche situations. His 9/9 gives health but its debatable how often this chunk of health makes a diference in him winning a fight.Mauler

BAHer 3/9 makes her better for bosses but she isn't as good as Saurus so there isn't much point (except ABEX). Her 9/9 on the other hand works as a decent supportive ability especially since her skills apply it too which makes it usable but not game-changing.Lightbearer

SCThat one ability that has literally 1 use case that makes it insanely powerful and that is its synergy with Eironn, grouping enemies up and subsequently letting Eironn pul all 5 targets. His 9/9 is underwhelming since it's not as though the player can direct a unit to kite enemies.Mauler

SCKeeping a priority target like Gwyneth alive to land a couple more hits can be game-changing. While the artifact Barricade kind of does this nowadays, the effect is still good and lets you run something else. His 9/9 however isn't very impactful as the shield is small.Dimensional

CSAttack rating increase and damage reduc- tion is good and all but having enemies triger multiple ultimates is typically not ideal since you would've normally lost. The saving grace is how his 9/9 works even when Oden is dead which can be useful with a powerful carry.Graveborn

ACNot only is the heal small, the heal is over-time which makes it less reliable. His 9/9 increases the total heal from 10% to 18% which is underwhelming. That said, Rowan is found in every team and this alone justifies at least his 3/9.Lightbearer

ACGives your team an underwhelming shield which impact is debatable and can be easily offset by rerolling the stage a efw times for better dodge RNG.Mauler

ACSolise's primary source of damage is reflect on Floral Specters which is unfortunately not buffed by the furniture effect so it is average at best. As for the 9/9, trigger condition isn't ideal as it requires your allies dying.Wilder

ACWhile it is nice to proc a 2s Taunt and a smol heal, your totems typically have trouble surviving to be at the right position for your ultimate cast. Likewise with his 9/9, healing non-existent totems isn't very meaningful and an additional ally is hardly game-changing.Mauler

ACSo Vurk doesn't use Poison Vial much which lets him auto attack more and benefit from the 35% damage increase but leaves less enemies poisoned to actually take advantage of the boost. As such, you are usually only gaining damage against 1 or 2 targets depending on trap placement.Mauler

ACWrithing Roots is a small AoE in front of Ulmus covering enemy positions 2, 4 and 5. As such, unless your backline is moving forward, it's hard to take advantage of of Forest's Oath.Wilder

ACEstrilda is mostly found in Gwyneth compositions where the fight is typically already decided in the first 15s. It is also not easy keeping all allies alive in that formation unless with the use of Hendrik. Even so, the stat increments aren't significant enough to make a huge difference.Lightbearer

CASlight translation error, Ezio is also immune to control while casting the deadly strike. This makes the ability al- right as it prevents him from getting in- 'terrupted but is ultimately a win-more effect. As for 9/9, having 500 energy at the start can help in specific formationsDimensional

CAPlayers rarely take advantage of factions in campaign because it's easier to setup formations that counter the enemy in- stead. Even so, 8% buff is insignificant. As for 9/9, it's strips buffs which is nice but Fawkes have to be hitting the target plus his ultimate makes it redundantLightbearer

CAShell shock stuns enemies for 3s while the shield Gorvo gains lasts for 3.5s which makes the ability essentially useless against enemies around him. That said, it is a hefty shield that synergizes with his SI that makes it usable.Wilder

CABaden's phantoms are very squishy and are likely to die in 1 or 2 hits. As such, healing phantoms for 45% of their missing health makes no difference in keeping them alive for the next hit. Also since they're so weak, Baden can't get enough value of of his 9/9.Graveborn

CAFights rarely go over 25s and even in the few instances they do, it's debatable how much of the added 15s you can take ad vantage of. Her 9/9 is alright in reducing interrupt potential but low impact and rarely makes the difference in a fight.Mauler

CAHellspawn attacks are slow since they have to fly back and forth between enemies with each hit taking approximately 5s on average. This coupled with an oth-erwise mediocre effect that doesn't synergize with her SI makes it lackluster.Hypogean

CA3/9 lets allies enjoy the benefits of dodge which is negligible since players can reroll stages for better dodge RNG. 9/9 on the other hand is a lot more usable since it gives your team additonal shields albeit still low impact.Wilder

BBLargely untested but initial impressions reading his effect does not inspire confidence.Hypogean

CC60% defense rating (about 25% damage reduction) is an insignificant effect when considering you have to force Hendrik and your other hero into a specific position just to benefit from it.Lightbearer

CCKamui Mutsube by default triggers twice so her 3/9 just lets you get 1 more use and 9/9 2 more uses (which you would be dead already) and is borderline useless. Might be justifiable as a stat stick.Dimensional

CCIf you read Mezoth's ultimate carefully, it says Mezoth cannot be controlled whenever his health is higher than 50%. This means his furniture item is basically a worst ultimate and has no value.Hypogean

CCNot only is Haunting Specter a single target ability, Theowyn doesn't use it often enough to get enough value out of e the effect. Her target selection is also messed up since she will go for the nearest enemy but this changes as she casts Spectral Curse to dash around.Graveborn

CCIf you look at Seirus' ultimate, you will notice it barely moves enemies (about 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the area). This is made worse by the fact Seirus always cast his ultimate to the right so if enemies are invading, it's almost useless. Despite all that, the abilty Deluge itself isn't even very strong.Wilder

CCDodge isn't meaningful because campaign stages can be re-rolled for better RNG. As for his 9/9, Oscar casts Slice n' Dice fairly frequently (normal attack - SND - normal attack - SND) and rarely gets massive value off being able to blink to multiple knives.Lightbearer

CCWarek has no damage and buffing his damage isn't enough to make him viable for general PvE. Since Warek isn't strong enough to be used in content outside bosses, he will never fulfill the “2 enemies" requirement on his furniture item.Mauler

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