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The Lost Sigils Event

A faction’s sigil is much more than just a trinket. It is a symbol imbued with great meaning, a physical representation of the faction’s honor, its accomplishments, its integrity. Though a sigil is always heavily guarded, the chaos of conflict can scatter even the most precious treasures to the wind. In order to restore the honor of their factions, heroes from across the realm will set out to gather the lost sigils, facing impossible odds and hundreds of pitfalls along the way.


The Lost Sigils is back! It’s a PvP event for AFK Arena.

The basic concept behind it is that you can challenge other players that are randomly matched up to you. If you win you’ll receive “sigils” based on the faction of heroes used in the battle.

For example, if you win a battle with 5 wilders heroes, you’ll get 5 wilders sigils.

Sigils can then be used to purchase special rewards.

How Many Sigils Can You Earn?

You can only defeat 6 opponents per day (unlimited attempts), which means the maximum number of sigils you can earn per day is 30. The total amount per event that can be earned is 240.

Sigils can also be bought on the “Visiting Merchants” page.

Opponent Matchmaking

The hero teams you’ll fight during the event seem to scale to your current level. Signature items will also be a factor as well.

You can always reroll for 5 diamonds if the opponent looks too tough.

How Long Does It Last?

The event currently lasts for 10 days, but you can only challenge opponents for 8 days. Sigils cannot be spent after the event has ended, so don’t forget to spend them!


The 3 mercenaries that have been hired from friends can also compete in the event. There’s no limits on how many times they can be used either, so this can really help you if you’ve got nice friends!


Elite heroes cost 150 sigils each. There’s 4 to choose from this time: Rowan, Khasos, Tasi & Ferael.

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