Update 1.14 Patch Notes

These are the full patch notes for the new 1.14.01 update coming to AFK Arena on March 7th. Some notable additions include: 4 New Heroes, Guild Wars & Hero Balance Changes.

Patch 1.14 was a major update to AFK Arena.

It was released on March 7th, 2019.

Below are the full patch notes for everything added and changed in the new update.

New Heroes Added

They can all be mythic. This also means that every faction can now have 5 mythic+ heroes.

Thoran – The Fallen King (Graveborn)
Lucius – Lightbringer (Lightbearer)
Thane – The Exalted (Lightbearer)
Tasi – Dreamhopper (Wilder)

New Content Added

Guild Wars are coming! They can be opened and closed in an event-style format.

Artifacts can now be enhanced after completing Chapter 13. The resources required can be obtained from AFK Rewards in chapter 14 and onward.

3 New Adventures added to the Peaks of Time: “The Divine Realm“, “Rancid Forest” & “Viper’s Marsh“.

New artifact added: “Dura’s Blade”. It’s available from Viper’s Marsh.

New relics added to the Arcane Labyrinth.

New event added: “Bootcamp”.

New “Stargazer” NPC added to the Noble Tavern (they renamed the library). It can be unlocked after completing chapter 15.

Balance Changes

If you’re looking for nerfs to Brutus, they aren’t here!


The base attack speed of Dura’s Eye artifact has been nerfed to 10%, down from 25%. However, it can be now enhanced to increase the attack speed again.


The frequency of how many times high damage attacks are able to successively interrupt a character’s actions have been reduced.

Adjusted the health levels of Guild Hunt bosses.



– Lyca will now move to a safer location after leaping with her “Awe” ability.

– Optimized Vurk’s “Invisibility” ability. Allowing it to a select a more appropriate position.

– “Soul Siphon” will now immediately stop if the target dies, in order to save time and increase her battle efficiency.

– “Tortured Souls” Level 3 – Raised the percentage of health regeneration to 25% when the ability finishes and reduced the immediate health regeneration that is caused when dealing damage by 25%.

– Optimized the logic for Vedan’s “Dark Swarm” ability. If Vedan’s target dies while the bats are already moving, they will immediately select a new target to attack.

– “Fire Phoenix” damage has been increased from the previously fixed 250% damage to 250%/275%/300% per each respective skill level.

– Removed the additional AoE damage bonus caused to nearby enemies for “Fire Phoenix” level 2 + 3.

– Added new a new effect for “Fire Phoenix” level 2 + 3 which allows it to cause 1.5 / 2 times the amount of damage. Damage is increased the closer enemies are to the center of the flame’s path.

– Speed increase for Raine’s “Lock On” ability increased from 20%/30%/40% per each respective skill level up to 40%/50%/60%.

– The skill “Ridicule” level 2 and above reduces the damage received by all of Estrilda’s teammates but excludes herself.

– Fixed an issue with “Ridicule” level 3 which prevented its damage from being increased. Level 3’s damage is now raised from 200% to 250%.

– Increased Estrilda’s Base Defense Rating by 10%.

– Increased the time “Love and Peace” renders enemies unable to attack to 4 seconds.

– “Piercing Arrow” now reduces its target’s health regeneration each time the ability’s bleed ability is stacked.

– Optimized the description for “Feline Finesse”.

– Optimized the description for “Unwavering Will”.

Misc Changes

Library renamed to “Noble Tavern”.

Adventurers’ Outpost renamed to “Library”.

Certain Gift Sets have been changed. Their purchase limit will be reset due to this.

The items from the Valentine’s & Christmas event have been removed.

New accounts on new servers will have to wait 8 days instead of 1 to unlock daily gift sets.

The Wandering Trader within the Arcane Labyrinth has had his loot table changed to include other things aside from gear. Gear is no longer guaranteed to be available for sale.

Adjusted several of the quests and quest rewards for the bounty board.

Bug Fixes

Fixed several network connectivity issues.

Fixed a bug affecting the Sunstone relic’s energy regeneration effect, which was causing it to regenerate more than double the intended amount of energy.

Fixed a bug affecting the Tome of Necromancy relic’s energy regeneration effect, which was causing it to regenerate more than double the intended amount of energy.

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