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Heroes of Esperia

A new PvP feature is coming to AFK Arena on January 2nd, 2020!

It’s called “Heroes of Esperia” and it’s somewhat similar to the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, except up to 5 teams of heroes can be used.

Event Guide

Heroes of Esperia is a league competition that is divided into 6 separate league divisions. League division rankings are determined by the amount of trophies that a player acquires. League divisions are divided as such: Bronze League, Silver League, Gold League, Platinum League, Diamond League, Masters League and Legends League.

Players can raise their standings by winning trophies. A higher trophy count directly corresponds to a higher league standing and subsequently a higher quantity rewards.

Players within the Masters league are able to challenge Legends league players. If a Masters league player claims a victory against a Legends league player they will be promoted to the Legends league. Trophy counts are not affected when a Masters league player faces off against a Legends league player.

Within the Legends league, victorious players will directly swap rankings with the players that they defeated. Players with low Legends league ranks are at risk of losing their rank within the Legends league to players within the Masters league.

At the start of new seasons, players’ initial division placements will be determined by their current combat ratings.

Players will be required to field more team formations the higher their league standing rises. The player with the most victorious teams will win the matchup.

Players can press the ‘Formation’ button to arrange their defensive formations.

Each formation must contain at least one hero. Empty formations will be dealt an automatic loss.

If the battle timer has run out of time, the defending player will be victorious.


Unlike the Legends’ Championship, heroes do not scale to a certain level in this event. This means that the highest level players will generally always be on top.

There’s a trophy leaderboard for both Server and Global rankings.


This is the full list of leagues from lowest to highest. Each league has different divisions.

Bronze I
Bronze II
Bronze II
Bronze IV
Bronze V
Silver I
Silver II
Silver II
Silver IV
Silver V
Gold I
Gold II
Gold III
Gold IV
Gold V
Diamond I
Diamond II
Diamond III

Event Lore

To those that flee comes neither power nor glory, yet even the bravest warriors are frightened by sudden terrors.

For eons, when a conflict would arise on Esperia, her people could expect massive losses of both life and property. Farms and villages burned, families and friends torn from one another. Widows and orphans were made in the thousands by the end of each new day. No matter the reason for the conflict, the results were always the same: Homes and hopes and dreams destroyed. It was the twins, Lailah and Elijah, who decided to put an end to this scale of destruction. Descending from above, they devised a new way for the mortals to settle their differences when words failed.

Rather than armies clashing on the field, leaving tribes and cities depopulated, a few elite fighters from each side will meet in the arena. For transparency, any of Esperia’s people are allowed to come and spectate, cheering on their own champions and watching as history unfolds and legends are made.

Event Rewards

Normal rewards at the end of the season consist of Hero Soulstones & Honor Experience. You’ll be rewarded based on the highest league you managed to reach during that season.

Heroic rewards are special avatar frames that can be unlocked by obtaining League Points at the end of each season..

Brawler Frame (50 Points)

Warrior Frame (200 Points)

Elite Frame (1,000 Points)

Champion Frame (2,000 Points)

Conqueror Frame (5,000 points)

Supreme Frame (10,000 Points)

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