AFK Arena Thoran Hero Guide


“The Fallen King”

Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Strength Tank Melee Front Dura’s Grace Yes

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Hero Guide

Thoran is a unique tanking hero for the graveborn faction. His main niche is the ability to self-resurrect once when killed during a battle.

He’s stronger against weaker enemies due to his 2nd skill “Domination” that will do more damage to heroes that are either lower level or lower ascension tier than him.

Thoran’s “Taint” ability makes him capable of redirecting damage received back to another enemy with the lowest HP for up to 13 seconds. This can help setup a quick kill on a weak enemy at the start of a battle.


  • Self-resurrect allows him to survive any amount of burst and just last longer on the battleground in general.
  • Stronger against weaker enemies.
  • Taint can force a quick kill on an enemy at the start of the battle.


  • When he dies for the first time he’ll lose all enemy aggro and just stand still for a period of time until being reborn.
  • He’s slow and his ultimate ability has a small range.

Team Synergy

Thoran can work really well with Isabella due to her “Void Barrage” always targeting the weakest enemy, which will likely be Thoran’s Taint target.

He also has the same synergy with Athalia, as she can be manually set to target the enemy that Thoran will mark, allowing for a quick kill.

Hero Skills

Skill Description Level Upgrades


Thoran focuses for several moments before swinging his weapon at all the enemies in front of him, dealing 140% damage to them. 200% of the damage received by Thoran during his focusing stage is dealt back to his enemies as additional damage. While in a focused state, Thoran is immune to control abilities and receives less damage. Level 81: Damage increased by up 160%.
Level 161: Recovers 40% of damage dealt to enemies as health.


Thoran cleaves at an enemy, dealing 120% damage to them, and causes them to fall to the ground. Level 21: Damage is multiplied 2 times when used against lower level or lower tier enemies.
Level 101: Damage increased by up to 140%.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 155%.

Wild Wonder

Thoran resurrects himself after dying with 60% of his health restored. This ability can only be used once per battle. Level 121: Enemies are terrified for 3 seconds.
Level 201: 75% of max HP is restored after resurrection.


At the beginning of a battle Thoran curses the enemy with the lowest health for 10 seconds, causing them to suffer 70% of the total damage that is dealt to Thoran. Level 141: Enemies are marked for 13 seconds.
Level 221: Enemies receive up to 75% of the damage dealt to Thoran.

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King Thoran was a beloved ruler. Wise and able, his kingdom prospered as it never had before. Taxes were kept light, which endeared him to the merchant and peasant classes alike. Using skilled diplomacy and negotiation, he kept the kingdom out of war. There were no towns of grieving widows or hungry orphans under his rule. The soldiers enjoyed long visits home to spend time with their families in safety and help tend to domestic matters.

There was, however, a small contingent who didn’t appreciate Thoran’s way of doing things. Foremost among these malcontents was no other than the monarch’s younger brother, Edwin. He rankled at the pacifistic policies of Thoran, seeing them as a stain on the honor of the kingdom and their house. After all, what did it say of their strength if they failed to carry on the old ways, the ways of the sword and conquest and blood. The barbarians populating the savage lands beyond their borders had stopped fearing the might of the kingdom. Noble houses which had maintained their place through warfare sat dormant, their power and influence dwindling season after peaceful season.

It was from among these houses that Edwin found the support he sought. A handful of noblemen responded to a secret summons. Once gathered, a plan was revealed. The few who opposed it didn’t survive the meeting. A coup was underway. Edwin bid his treacherous noblemen return to their estates to each gather a selection of their most ruthless and skilled men-at-arms. After doing so, they returned to the royal residence under the guise of making a social call. Their soldiers posed as cooks, heralds, and retainers, hiding their weapons among their lords’ personal effects. At a dinner attended by the king as well as several of his top officials, the traitors made their attack. King Thoran was successfully dispatched, but at a far greater cost than they could’ve imagined.

One of Thoran’s Praetorian Guard, after finally being overwhelmed by his attackers, rose inexplicably from his bloody heap. In the slaughter that followed, the traitors were slain to a man, including Edwin. The risen guard scooped up his fallen king’s body in his arms and took him away, seeking yet another resurrection.

The Praetorian was successful in his task, and the monarch rose again. The kindness and goodwill for which he had been famous had drained from his heart, replaced with a cold rage.

Rumors eventually reached Thoran that his brother had also been brought back into the living world. At this news he found a new purpose. He began raising an army of the undead- an army that would give him the vengeance constituting his only remaining desire. He would find his brother and bring him the final death.

“The crown weighs heavy.”

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