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In ancient, misty Albion lived a legendary king. This king was not ascended through some accident of birth, but rather it was magic that brought him his crown. As a boy at a tourney where warriors greater than he tested their mettle against one another, he ran to fetch a sword for another. Seeing a gleaming blade lodged in a stone, he pulled it free, unaware of the prophecy he had just fulfilled. Many rallied to his name on that day, but many more sought to deny him what prophecy had promised. Through one bloody trial after another, he began to unite his land.

Eventually the sword he had miraculously pulled from the stone, the very sword that had made him king, was shattered in furious battle. Despite this symbol of his right to rule being destroyed, the young king didn’t despair. He sought the help of a wizened advisor who often proved capable of great and explainable feats. The king was taken to a lily-covered lake of still, black water. He stood at the bank and as he watched the surface, he saw a gleaming sword rise from the middle waters. It was held aloft in a fair and delicate hand which seemed to shine against the green and black of its surroundings. Rafting out to the center, he took the blade. A worthy weapon for a worthy king.

He formed an order of knights of the highest echelon, living paragons of virtue and righteousness. They met at a great round table, a symbol of their equality in character and truth. With these knights by his side, He quested further and for greater goals. His kingdom grew and he was as beloved by his subjects as by his companions. Then the rift opened.

The king was pulled through the rift into a strange land. The accents of the people were unlike any he’d ever heard, and he saw a number of strange and wondrous beasts. The people told him they called this place Esperia. None of them had ever heard of his kingdom at all. He knew he needed to return to his kingdom and his people. With little beyond his storied blade, he set of to explore this strange new land.



Signature Item

The Lost Excalibur The legendary sword of King Arthur that was returned to him by the Lady of the Lake. It possesses an immense power that can only be wielded by The One True King.

Skill: Battle Rally Arthur rallies his team, raising the attack frequency of normal attacks for all allies standing behind Arthur by 50%. [+10 Unlocks] Arthur rallies his team, raising the Crit Rating for all allies standing behind Arthur by 15%. [+20 Unlocks] Arthur rallies his team, raising the Crit Rating for all allies standing behind Arthur by 30%. [+30 Unlocks] Arthur will recovers 5% of his max health every second when there are two or more rallied allies on the battlefield.

Hero Skills


Arthur will claim Excalibur from a lake the first time this ability is used. Once he is wielding the Lake Excalibur, Arthur’s normal attacks will be greatly strengthened. Any subsequent uses of this ability will then deal 380% AoE damage to enemies in front of Arthur.

  • Level 81: Damage increased by up to 430%.
  • Level 161: Damage increased by up to 480%

Excalibur’s Fury

Arthur uses his sword to form a blade aura that deals 200% damage to all enemies that it passes through. If Arthur is using the Lake Excalibur, he will form an additional 2 blade auras that target the enemies to his sides. Any enemies that are struck by multiple blade auras will receive 40% less damage from subsequent attacks.

  • Level 21: Damage increased by up to 220%. Level 101: Damage increased by up to 240%.
  • Level 181: Damage increased by up to 260%.

King’s Blessing

Arthur thrusts his sword into the ground, creating a small shockwave that deals 220% damage to nearby enemies, simultaneously forming a shield around himself which is equal to 400% of his attack rating’s value If Arthur is wielding the Lake Excalibur, an additional aura that lasts for 8 seconds will be cast upon the ground, reducing the amount of damage inflicted upon all allied heroes that are standing within it by 35%.

  • Level 121: Value of shield is increase to 440% of attack rating value.
  • Level 201: Value of shield is increase to 480% of attack rating value.

Shield of Honor

Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 50% less damage to him.

  • Level 141: Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 60% less damage to him.
  • Level 221: Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 70% less damage to him.

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