AFK Journey Discord Emoji/Sticker Contest

Enter the emoji competition to win Discord Nitro!

From Jan 22 to Feb 22, AFK Journey Discord members can design or draw emojis & stickers for the server based on the game AFK Journey. Members must share their creations on this channel, and other members can respond to them.

We’ll pick those with the most reactions, which are also suitable for the AFK Journey server, and upload them.

Table of Contents


  • Monthly Nitro $9.99 x10 Monthly
  • Nitro Basic $2.99 x50.

How to join

Just share your creation on this channel!


  • One member can only win the reward up to 2 times. But it would be great if you could share multiple creations!
  • After the event is over, members can still submit their creations, but no rewards are guaranteed.
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