AFK Arena Grezhul Hero Guide


“The Corrupted”

Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Strength Tank Melee Front Grace Yes

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Hero Guide

Grezhul is a tank hero for the graveborn faction.

His ultimate ability can stun enemies that are near the gravestone it creates. The stun has a fairly large area of effect and so can reliably stun 3+ enemies.

It will also summon up to 2 skeletons to fight alongside him. Enemies will usually attack these minions first, which can further increase the survivability of Grezhul.

He can also provide a small shield to allies, mitigating up to 200% damage and damaging enemies if it’s broken.

Last but not least, he can provide passive magic damage reduction for his entire team. The wording of this skill is pretty bad, but I assume at max level it means a 45% for graveborn heroes and 30% for others.


  • Strong ultimate ability that has huge utility.
  • Very good against guild bosses due to summoning a lot of minions during the battle.
  • Passive magic damage reduction for entire team.
  • Extra shields for allies.
  • High base HP.
  • Minions can receive buffs from allies.


  • A fairly weak tank on his own. He needs strong support.

Team Synergy

The ultimate ability of Lucius can buff the skeletons of Grezhul, making both heroes great together.

Graveborn teams generally work well with him.

Nemora is another great support for him

Hero Skills

Skill Description Level Upgrades


Grezhul raises a gravestone behind his enemies causing 130% damage to multiple targets within a certain radius of the gravestone. Grezhul then raises an undead skeletal warrior that attacks an enemy. The undead skeletal warrior’s level is equal to Grezhul’s current level and gradually loses health over time. Level 81: Damage is increased by up 140%. Skeletal warrior can now use its own special abilities.
Level 161: Damage is increased by up 150%. Summons two skeletal warriors.

Demonic Assault

Grezhul strikes at an enemy target in front of him, dealing 70% damage to the target and simultaneously steals 15% of the target’s Defense Rating to increase his own Defense Rating. Level 21: Damage increased by up 80%.
Level 101: Damage increased by up 90%. Grezhul now also steals the same percentage of the enemy’s Attack Rating.
Level 181: Damage increased by up 100%.

Shadow Shield

Grezhul forms a shield around a friendly target, mitigating up to 150% damage for a period of time. If the shield is broken it will cause 120% damage to nearby enemy targets. Level 121: Shield’s armor increased by up to 200% and damage is increased by up to 150%. Reduces enemies’ energy by 100 energy points.
Level 201: Damage is increased by up to 200%.

Deathly Protection

Deathly Protection reduces all magic damage received by friendly targets by 15%. Level 141: Magic damage received by Graveborn allies is reduced by an additional 15%.
Level 221: Magic damage received by all allies is reduced by up to 15%.

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Gareth was a Praetorian- the highest order of commander in the realm of the old king. He was brought to the royal estate at a young age, growing alongside the members of the royal house, seeing the king nearly every day and learning from him. His charmed life, however, wasn’t owed purely to the altruism of the royalty. Because he’d shown such a stunning aptitude for command and uncanny martial prowess at such an early age, his family had been requested to give him up for a royal wardship – a high honor for his kin.

Gareth grew into a man, and didn’t disappoint. He improved ceaselessly and was naturally picked to join the King’s praetorian guard. The guard were the best the realm had to offer. The most able in every aspect of military regimen, there was seemingly no threat that could equal them. There were always attempts on the king’s life in those days, and these always failed. Gareth himself was responsible for thwarting many of these attacks, once deliberately taking a would-be assassin’s arrow through the palm of his own hand to keep it from the king’s heart. Pulling the shaft through the bloody wound, he chased down the archer, using that same arrow as a dagger to dispose of the assailant.

The Praetorian was always on the lookout for threats from outside, but he’d never imagined that the real danger may come from within. The king’s younger brother, Edwin, yearned for power greater than his brother’s, and would stop at nothing less than the throne itself. Gathering a group of conspirators and malcontents over several careful seasons, he staged a coup. At a banquet honoring the king’s closest generals and advisors, Edwin stood, offering a toast.

“A most gracious king, and a most gracious brother. May his reign last as long as he shall live.”

On his final word the traitors, strategically placed about the room, put their knives through the backs and hearts of the guards and high officials of the old regime. Gareth was able to dispatch his attacker, but in a matter of moments was overrun, even his astounding swordsmanship inadequate against the current of blades. He fell, bleeding from a dozen deep wounds. As his vision faded, he saw the king dragged before Edwin, who nonchalantly sliced open the monarch’s throat.

In the darkness of death, a voice called to Gareth. An offer. A soul for a life. A chance at revenge. There was no question as to the course of action. The voice named a name, and Gareth understood that this was now to be how he was known. Where Gareth had fallen, Grezhul rose to his feet. His hair now mimicked a pale flame, and his flesh was already drained of color.

Two of the traitors were ran through before anyone had noticed the ghastly new presence in the hall. Their brief shrieks drew the attention of the others, who looked just in time to see the skin and muscle slough from the bodies impaled on Grezhul’s blades. They stood in shock as two gleaming white skeletons bent, picked up weapons, and started toward the now cowering usurpers. The hall became an abattoir and every footstep trailed blood.

Grezhul was seen leaving the hall with the body of the king over his shoulder, walking in the direction of an ancient cemetery.

“Duty does not end at death.”

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