How to Claim CBT Rewards? (Beta Sail/Beta Voyage)

Claim your exclusive rewards if you played in the AFK Journey beta!

If you’ve participated in the AFK Journey Beta Sail or Beta Voyage, you’re now eligible to claim rewards for the global servers!

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How to claim the rewards:

  • Register an account with the email you used in CBT(Beta Sail/Beta Voyage).
  • Go to this website >>>CBT REWARDS
  • Click Claim Now.
  • If your account is created after March 27, 2024 11:00 AM, please pick Global Server.
  • Put your account information and click Login.
  • Check your in-game mailbox and see if you receive the rewards or not.


  • Players who participated in Beta Sail/Beta Voyage can claim CBT testing benefits by verifying the email account used for participation and providing the UID of their existing character in AFK Journey. Once linked, these benefits can be obtained on the corresponding character.
  • You can only claim the benefits once per existing account UID in AFK Journey. (Duplicate rewards will be converted into a few Diamonds.)
  • Each participating email account is eligible for reward redemption only once.


Some of the Beta Voyage testers used the backup accounts provided by official staff due to email length and format issues.

For this part of testers, the email you used in the Beta Voyage Registration Website or the Discord Beta Access Giveaway event has been recorded in the list already. You can claim the rewards on this website by your email.

If you can’t claim the reward with the correct email you used in Beta Sail or Beta Voyage, please try to log out the website, refresh it, and log in again.

If you encounter other issues, please contact @Customer Service on Discord or the customer service in the game.

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