AFK Arena Ira Hero Guide


“Rogue of the Forest”


Ira is a bursty damage dealer that does more damage when there are less enemies on the battlefield.

The reason why she does more damage with less enemies is because her ultimate ability fires a set amount of arrows that will spread towards different enemies. When there are fewer targets, her arrows will hit the same enemy more times. It’s possible that every single arrow can be fired at a single enemy, making it an extremely high burst ability.

She has a very strong union bonus that will buff her damage significantly. You (or a friend) will need a legendary+ version of her and Kaz/Lyca to get the 3/3 union bonus. This is very important, and is usually what makes Ira a top tier hero in the early game.


  • Very strong ultimate ability.
  • Great guild boss damage.
  • Powerful union buff.


  • Relies heavily on her ultimate ability.
  • Ideally needs her union maxed to be fully effective.


If you don’t have the union buffs maxed yet, Belinda & Brutus will increase her damage a lot. Belinda buffs her crit, and Brutus can debuff enemies to increase physical damage and is just a great frontline hero for her in general.

Estrilda and Lyca are a great combo for her as they grant energy and buff attack speed.

Nemora & Tasi can work well with her in a defensive team, and they’re also wilders. Lucius can also be added for the ultimate defensive lineup.


Place her on the backline at the top or the bottom to maximize her ultimate ability by limiting the amount of enemies it will hit.


Shadow Hunter. The Whispering Kill. Black Cloak. All titles spoken in fearful tones, all referring to the same person. To the other Wilders, she is simply Ira of the Dusk Watch. To her comrades in the patrol, she is Ira the Rogue.

Despite her adornment of so many names, she is singular in purpose, and utterly committed to her cause. Ira was handpicked from among hundreds of war-riors to serve with the Dusk Watch as the Wilders’ first line of defense, those who would preserve not only their pristine society, but every inch of the forest which they call their home.

The Dusk Watch consists of those deemed most capable of dealing with the new (or old, depending on one’s point of view) threat which now encroaches on the world, on the verge of despoiling all things green and pure.

Wilders, and the Dusk Watch in particular, are more in touch with the natural world than the other, cruder civilizations with whom they share the continent. They do not bumble about the world, searching for their way, searching for meaning.

They are one with the world and the world’s spirit. They understand their place in the natural cycle of things and are thus afforded certain instincts and insights that grant them what many see as a kind of supernatural sense of premonition when it comes to Esperia’s occasional cataclysms and upheavals.

It is thus that they know already of the failure of The Barred Gate, and the incursions being made by the Hypogean horde which move ever closer to the verdant paradise no Wilder could long live without. It is fortunate that the Wilders have those such as Ira.

Her patience, her callousness and her bow ensure that the forest and its inhabitants never need worry that they may be in danger. So long as The Dusk Watch slips along the dappled shadows of the tree line, any potential men-ace that makes a wrong step will wet the tangled roots of the forest floor with blood.

Ira is known to not only accurately predict the enemy’s movements, but also to lie in wait for hours or days if need be. She always places the perfect shot. Untraceable, unexpected, and invariably fatal.

Through a single well-placed arrow and the subsequent indignant death of its target, she can make enemy scouting parties scatter in a confused terror. Even the most hardened and cruel of the Hypogean demons will allow a look, a flicker of doubt betraying fear, to cross their twisted visages at the mention of her name. She wears the dark cloak symbolizing her people, and it is forever her people for whom she fights and performs the darkest of deeds. Even monsters have nightmares. This nightmare’s name is Ira.

“Take a step closer to the tree’s edge. Only one of us knows it will be your last.”


Hail of Arrows

Ira unleashes a hail of 10 arrows at multiple enemies. Each arrow deals 80% damage.

Level 61: Arrows fired increases to 15.
Level 121: Arrows fired increases to 20.

Glacial Arrow

Ira shoots an icy arrow at a target dealing 180% physical damage to them and also reduces their attack speed for3 seconds. Level 21: Damage increased by up to 200%.

Level 81: Damage increased by up to 230%. Enemy’s Haste reduced for 5 seconds.
Level 141: Damage increased by up to 260%.

Piercing Arrow

Ira’s attacks have a chance to cause enemies to bleed, causing gradual damage over time. This ability can be stacked up to 6 times.

Level 101: Damage is stacked up to 8 times. Damage dealt to the enemy increases the lower their health falls.

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