AFK Arena JOKER Hero Guide


“Leader of Few Words


A mysterious boy, clad in black.

He uses the name of The Phantom Thieves to disrupt and bamboozle society.

With his mask of deception, he is able to use his PERSONA powers to disrupt. Phantom Thieves Codename: JOKER.

The true identity behind the mask remains a mystery.


Class: Ranger
Faction: Dimensional
Role: Continuous Damage
Type: Agility

Signature Item

Item – Vile Sword

A death-dealing replica dagger.

Skill – Widespread Attack

After JOKER uses his Ultimate ability, the AoE range of his normal attacks is increased for 7 seconds, during which time he deals 20% additional damage.

[+10 Unlocks] JOKER gains 20 Attack Speed points while this ability’s effects are in use.
[+20 Unlocks] JOKER gains 35 Attack Speed points while this ability’s effects are in use.
[+30 Unlocks] Duration of ability is increased to 15 seconds.

Furniture Skills

Leader’s Enlightenment

While JOKER is suffering the effects of enemy control abilities, he has a 25% greater chance of being extricated by his allies for every 1 non-summoned ally that is currently not being controlled, and shall be immune to enemy control abilities for 5 seconds if he is successfully extricated. This ability can be triggered once every 10 seconds. If the ally QUEEN is also on the battlefield, she will raise JOKER’s extrication chances by an additional 40%.

Each ally has a 35% chance of extricating JOKER from enemy control abilities, and JOKER gains a shield worth 40% of his max health that exists for 5 seconds if he is successfully extricated.



Summons Arsène who deals 260 % damage to all enemy targets.

Level 81: Damage is increased to 280%.
Level 161: Damage is increased to 300%.

Adverse Reaction

JOKER chooses the enemy that is positioned directly opposite himself at the start of battles as his Combat Target. If JOKER’s Combat Target belongs to a non-Dimensional faction, he will temporarily change factions in order to gain a factional damage bonus against the Combat Target but will also suffer from the adverse effects of other factions’ bonuses. When JOKER’s abilities deal damage to an enemy of which he has a factional advantage against, the enemy will be knocked to the ground for 2 seconds and then weakened. Weakened enemies are dealt an additional 30% damage over a duration of 5 seconds. Knock-down and weakening effects may only be used once every 7 seconds against the same target. If the Combat Target is slain, JOKER will choose the enemy with the highest Combat Rating as his next Combat Target.

Level 11: Combat Target is knocked to the ground for 2.5 seconds.
Level 101: Combat Target is knocked to the ground for 3 seconds.
Level 181: Enemies that have a factional advantage over JOKER have their factional damage bonuses reduced to 15%.

Concentrated Fire

Each time JOKER has used his Normal Attack 4 times, he will use his gun to deal 180% damage to his Combat Target.

Level 121: Deals 210% damage to Combat Target.
Level 201: Each time JOKER has used his Normal Attack 3 times he will use his gun against the Combat Target.

All-Out Attack

When 3 or more enemies, or all enemies are controlled, All-Out Attack is triggered, dealing 300% damage to all enemies. This ability can only be used when there are surviving allies on the battlefield. This ability can be triggered once every 7 seconds and can be used up to a maximum of 3 times per battle. The damage caused by this ability will not trigger the effects of “Adverse Reaction”.

Level 141: Deals 320% damage to all enemies.
Level 221: Deals 340% damage to all enemies.

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