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“Hand of the Wood”

Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Agility DPS Melee Any Dura’s Grace Yes

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Hero Guide

Kaz is a damage-dealing hero for the wilders faction. Her primary niche is dodging enemy attacks.

There are many “dodge heroes” in other gacha games, but so far Kaz is the only dedicated one in AFK Arena. All Agility heroes have dodge rating on their gear, so they have some degree of dodging in their mechanics, but Kaz is specifically built around it.

Unfortunately, as the stats on gear pieces are the exact same per gear rarity, there isn’t really any chance of making Kaz have 100% dodge or anything close to it. She does still scale well with gear though, as agility gear always has dodge and the higher tiers have slightly more of it.

Kaz can act as an off-tank for hear team, and she excels in battles that last a long time. She also has the potential to stop high burst heroes like Athalia by dodging the attacks.


  • The combination of dodging and RNG can make her great for brute forcing through campaign walls as eventually she’ll dodge everything needed to survive.
  • Agility heroes have dodge rating on their gear, so she scales very well when better equipped.
  • She’s slightly stronger against Strength and Intelligence heroes because they have less accuracy on their gear.
  • Very strong for guild bosses at late game, especially Soren.
  • An Anti-Athalia hero due to the potential to dodge her initial burst.


  • She can actually dodge heals from her own allies.
  • Weak against other agility heroes as they have higher accuracy on their gear.
  • She only starts to shine at late game.
  • At level 101+ Brutus can prevent her from dodging via his Roar skill.

Hero Skills

Skill Description Level Upgrades


Kaz swiftly leaps behind an enemy’s back slashing them, dealing 200% damage to them. Kaz cannot be attacked while performing this ability. Level 81: Targets the enemy with the lowest health.
Level 161: Attack Rating is permanently increased by 20% for the remainder of the battle if this ability kills an enemy target.

Triple Strike

Kaz strikes at an enemy in front of her, successively striking them three times for 100% damage per hit. Level 21: Damage increased by up to 110%.
Level 101: Damage increased by up to 120%. Dodge Rating is increased by 60 points while striking an enemy.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 130%.

Evasive Strike

Kaz is able to dodge enemy attacks once every 10 seconds and cannot be targeted while this skill is in effect. Level 121: Dodges an enemy attacks once every 8 seconds and throws a dart back at the enemy, causing 200% damage to them.
Level 201: Dart damage deals up to 220% damage.

Feline Finesse

Kaz’s natural feline agility allows her to raise her dodge rating by 60 points. Level 141: Recovers 25 energy points for every successful dodge.
Level 221: Dodge Rating is increased by 80 points.

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Kaz’s Story

The Wilders are peaceful by nature. They have no real animosity toward the other peoples of the land and wish them no harm so long as they do nothing to harm the forest. That being said, the forests’ inhabitants are an insular and guarded bunch.

They don’t often make contact with outsiders, and view those they don’t know with an animal wariness. This is why Kaz was always considered something of an oddball in Wilder society. As is befitting her feline heritage, Kaz is fueled by an unabating curiosity that drives her to seek knowledge from beyond the seldom-crossed boundaries of the woodlands, breaking one of the most widely accepted of the unwritten laws of the Wilders.

From the first excursion out into the lands beyond the forest, there was no going back to an unremarkable life spent in one place. The wonders of the outside world have enchanted Kaz, and though her adventures often get her into sticky situations, she is vigilant and quick witted, and can always defuse trouble or at least escape it. Each time she returns to the forest, she has some new trinket or knick-knack for her admiring friends.

Kaz is as stealthy as one would expect, so her sneaking in and out of the forest usually goes unnoticed. In fact, she’d never been caught at all until the leader of the Dusk Watch, Lyca, saw her trying to slip away.

It was to everyone’s great surprise that, rather than a harsh word and swift punishment, Lyca simply asked:

“If you’re going out to the fields and villages, take note of what you see. I want to know what’s out there when you get back.”

Lyca had known that trying to stop Kaz from exploring would only waste time and energy, both resources the Dusk Watch has to use wisely.

Instead, she would use Kaz’s natural proclivities and talents to the betterment of the forest. They continued this arrangement until Lyca was sure it was the right time, and invited Kaz to join the Dusk Watch. With the return of the Hypogeans and the Wilders’ relative isolation, intelligence gathering would be a vital role in the coming months.

Knowledge of the enemy alone isn’t enough to win a war, however. Once you know your enemy, you still must land the killing blow. To this end, Lyca decided to hone Kaz’s talents to another, grimmer purpose.

Her stealthy way of moving about and ease of motion in the darkest night make Kaz the ideal assassin. Through unforgiving and careful training, Lyca has molded Kaz into a deadly asset, a tool by which the forest’s will can be exacted far beyond its boundaries.

Combining her powers of stealth, observation, and the kill, Kaz has been able to win several battles for her people before the battle has even begun. She stalks her prey like a leopard, watching and waiting, undetectable in the shadows, until the right moment. By the time she moves, it’s too late for her target.

Enemy sentries rush to alert their commanders of a rapidly approaching Wilder attack party, only to find their officers on the ground, their throats cut with cold precision, still bleeding out into the soil. By this time, Kaz is gone and the confused, demoralized enemy is routed.

“Don’t ever think that someone isn’t watching.”

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