AFK Arena Mezoth Hero Guide


The Abysmal Butcher

Mezoth’s Story

The Moniker – 03/07 – Conditions – Clear
We’ve been docked at Rustport for three days and I’m eager to get away from this wretched place. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a smuggler. Only in a wretched place like this can we find willing buyers. Just yesterday a firefight erupted between the Whispers and the Sea Devils resulting in the death of one of our men, the cook. The captain had no choice but to seek a replacement cook to complement the crew.

The new cook looks unkempt and gives off a foul stench. He doesn’t have many possessions of his own, but he carries a statuette of what I assume to be a mythical creature. The statuette is a strange looking thing. Four arms and a gargantuan belly with a gaping hole that looks like a mouth. Rustport has no shortage of fringe religions and cults, but l’ve never seen anyone worship something like that before. He’s a shrewd looking fellow and doesn’t speak except to answer questions with a word or two, at leas for his fellow crew mates. With the captain he’s been plenty helpful. Not the first time I’ve seen a new hand trying to curry favor.

The Moniker – 08/07 – Conditions – Misty
We are now a few days at sea, a good distance from that stinking pit of a town. The weather for the most part has been clear, but dark clouds formed in the distance this morning. I’m not sure what that cook has said to the captain, but they spoke long into the night and the captain is now insistent on sailing toward the misty weather ahead. I can see no positive outcome for these actions. I will give the cook some credit, though. The meat he’s been serving is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Passing through the galley in the darkness of night, I saw the cook praying to the strange-looking statuette. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things or if I just hadn’t woken up properly, but I could swear that I saw the statuettes’ stomach open wide and smile. I told a shipmate of what I’d witnessed. He simply laughed and asked if the life at sea was finally starting to wear me down.

The Moniker – 12/07 – Conditions – Heavy mist
What is happening? A heavy mist enshrouds the ship, refusing to disperse. I’ve never seen the weather act in such a way. We now have no way of finding our bearings. I recall an old sailor talking about a place called the whispering waves, a place that once a ship enters, it cannot escape again. Could this be that very place?

The Moniker – ??/07 – Conditions – Complete darkness
I’ve lost track of how many days we’ve been adrift in this damned mist. Daylight is now beyond our reach.

All food on the ship has has been consumed, including all rats that used to scurry around below deck. The sea appears to be dead, with not a fish in sight. Jace was the first to lose consciousness. He was already thin to begin with, and now he’s nothing but skin and bones. That said, we’ve all become gaunt and weak. The cook even in his current state still clasps the statuette fiercely, as if frightened someone may take it from him. He’s mad. It’s not as if the thing is edible.

The Moniker – ??/07 – Conditions – Complete darkness
I caught the fragrant scent of meat from the galley. I stumbled towards the galley with the little strength I still had left. I could see the cook entertaining the Captain, the first officer and a few other sailors. He seemed to be dishing them out hot soup from a large pot. I took one for myself, trying not to think of where this meat could have come from. I was too hungry to think of it. The bones were not from a fish.

The Moniker – ??/?? – Conditions – Complete darkness
The meat is dwindling. I’m worried about what’s going to happen, There are still several mouths to feed. Recently I’ve noticed the cook watching us, so I’ve made it a point to act as if I’m hardly feeling the starvation. I don’t want to be picked out as one of the weak ones. I know what’s happening here.

The Moniker – ??/?? – Conditions – Darkness, forever and always
I made my way into the galley while the cook was away. I hid underneath one of the cooking benches and waited for him to return. He was fast and he used his jagged meat-saw to retaliate. He managed to carve out a deep slash on my gut. My blade, however, found one of his arteries. He stumbled slowly towards the statuette, trailing slick crimson as he did so. He shouted at the statuette: “I have given you so much, sacrificed so many for you! Save me, Mezoth! Save me!” If his god heard him, he chose not to answer. Looks like meat’s back on the menu.

The Moniker – ??/?? – Conditions – Precious dark, dripping and raw
I am the last here. My hunger was the strongest The floor of the galley is red and the wound on my abdomen festers. The one that hungers watches me from inside the statuette. My wound festers. I dreamt that it opened, full of gnashing teeth, so that I could devour the whole world.

The Moniker – ??/?? – Conditions ????
Meat. Bloody and hot. Consume consume consume consume (writing becomes illegible)

Mezoth’s Signature Item

Blood and Gore

Two vicious tools used exclusively to butcher and maim victims that exist as symbol of Mezoth’s depravity. It is said many poor souls bear the scars of Mezoth’s wrath on their bodies.

Skill – Virulent Green

Hero gains 200 energy points at the start of battles.

[+10 Unlocks] 25% of damage received is taken by the enemy imprisoned within Mezoth’s abdomen.
[+20 Unlocks] Hero gains 500 energy points at the start of battles.
[+30 Unlocks] 50% of damage received is taken by the enemy imprisoned within Mezoth’s abdomen.

Mezoth’s Skills


When Mezoth’s health is higher than 50% he becomes immune to enemy control abilities. Using this ability, Mezoth devours an enemy target and keeps them imprisoned within his abdomen until his energy is completely exhausted. While the enemy is imprisoned within him, Mezoth loses 70 energy per second. While imprisoned within Mezoth’s abdomen, the enemy will lose health which is equal to 70% of Mezoth’s own Attack Rating value every second. If Mezoth is affected by an enemy control ability while he is imprisoning an enemy, he will lose an additional 70energy points every 0.5 seconds.

Level 81: Imprisoned enemies lose health equal to 80% of Mezoth’s Attack Rating per second.
Level 161: Imprisoned enemies lose health equal to 90% of Mezoth’s Attack Rating per second.

Abyssal Butchery

Mezoth attempts to knock down an enemy. If Mezoth successfully knocks down an enemy, he proceeds to strike them multiple times, dealing 70% damage per strike, with the final strike dealing 220% damage to the enemy. Every time Mezoth lands a strike on the enemy, he will recover a proportion of health equal to 8% of the health already lost by the enemy.

Level 21: Damage increased by up to 80%.
Level 101: If the enemy is slain by this ability, Mezoth recovers a proportion of health equal to 30% of the enemy’s max health.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 85%.

Demonic Hunger

Mezoth gains a shield for 7 seconds that is able to mitigate a damage value equal to 10% of his own max health. Mezoth hacks at enemies that are standing within a certain distance in front of himself, dealing damage equal to 20% of his own current health to them, also causing their Haste to be reduced by 50 points for 7 seconds.

Level 121: Shield value is equal to 12% of Mezoth’s max health.
Level 201: Shield value is equal to 14% of Mezoth’s max health.

Carnivorous Lust

At the beginning of battles Mezoth’s max health value is increased by 80%, and the percentage of health that he begins the battle with remains unchanged. The increased value of Mezoth’s health will slowly diminish over 50 seconds, starting from the beginning of battles. The diminishing max health value does not affect the current percentage of Mezoth’s overall health.

Level 141: Mezoth’s Defense Rating can be increased by up to an additional 100%, based upon the current percentage of his max health. A higher health ratio results in a higher defense rating.
Level 221: Mezoth’s Defense Rating can be increased by up to an additional 180%, based upon the current percentage of his max health. A higher health ratio results in a higher defense rating.

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