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Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Agility Damage Dealer Melee Back Dura’s Eye Yes

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Hero Overview

Saveas is a very powerful damage dealer that sacrifices portions of his own life in order to increase his attack damage during a battle.

Especially potent in the early game meta, he can dish out some absolutely insane damage to enemies. He’s a must-have hero for any team that wants to breeze past content early in the game.

His damage will scale with the amount of health he possesses, thanks to the passive Bloodied Spear skill. Each attack will increase his damage further, based on 1.3/1.5/1.75/2.0 x 8% of his maximum HP.

This means he is heavily reliant on both gear and his union buff.


  • High damage output that can carry a whole team in the early-mid game.
  • Decent survivability despite losing health from abilities.
  • Scales insanely well with HP and Attack Speed.
  • Powerful union buff that synergies perfectly with him.
  • Possible to do even more damage when on the frontline, however only if he can survive there.


  • Relies heavily on stats from gear and the union buff.
  • Cannot solo carry a team, he usually needs to be placed on the back row behind a tank to be effective.
  • Receives damage from his own skills.

Team Synergy

Saveas works incredibly well with the 3 maulers; Brutus, Khasos & Numisu.

  • Brutus: The perfect tank to hide Saveas behind.
  • Khasos: His lifeleech passive will help to offset the damage of the self-damage inflicted upon Saveas.
  • Numisu: Provides an Attack Speed Buff via his totem, which scales well with Saveas.

Not only do the heroes themselves work well together, but you’ll also get a faction bonus for having 3-4 maulers.


  • Give him the best gear you’ve got (especially boots) and enhance it.
  • Max out his level before any other hero.
  • Find friends that have the heroes for his union buff.
  • Get the Dura’s Eye artifact from the Secrets of the Forest adventure.
  • You’ll usually need to place him behind a good tank that will last the longest, thus protecting him and ensuring he can DPS as long as possible.
  • You can place him on the frontline for guild bosses, his damage should increase significantly.


Skill Description Level Upgrades

Burning Acrimony

Saveas sacrifices 8% of his current HP to greatly increase his attack speed for 10 seconds. Level 61: Extends attack speed increase when Saveas make a kill or assist.
Level 121: Regenerates 20% of maximum health when Saveas make a kill or assist.

Bloodied Spear

Bloodied Spear is a passive ability that expends 8% of Saveas’ HP per attack in order to increase his attack damage. The damage value is equal to 1.3 times the value of the HP lost. Level 21: The damage value is equal to 1.5 times the value of the HP lost.
Level 81: The damage value is equal to 1.75 times the value of the HP lost.
Level 141: The damage value is equal to 2 times the value of the HP lost.

Sacrificial Sustenance

Saveas sacrifices 8% of his current HP in order to heal himself for 4% of his max HP over a duration of 10 seconds. Level 101: Received damage is reduced by 30% while regenerating health.


For a hunter as competitive and motivated as Saveas, there were few things worse than living in the shadow of an older brother. He was convinced that the only thing elevating his sibling above him in the eyes of the clan was the advantage of years in the field, a simple accident of birth that would in time cease to matter. Time, however was never a friend to Saveas. Impatient, impulsive, and energetic, he had no desire to wait for things to simply take their course. That the greatest hunters typically possess notable reserves of both patience and awareness was something which escaped his notice, or perhaps something he simply chose to ignore. He knew he was the superior hunter. It was only a matter of going out and proving it.

He took on a task well beyond his skill level in order to decisively put the matter to rest. Pursuing a thresher claw through thick brush, he became disoriented. These animals were known to be as cunning as they were deadly, and he’d let it get out of sight. He continued at a run, following the torn ground and shredded shrubbery. He eventually found himself trudging through a putrid marsh, exhausted and out of his element. With each step, he was sucked knee-deep in stinking black muck, the acrid smell assaulting his eyes and lungs even as clouds of shimmering flies rose around him, obscuring his vision and greedily drinking the sweat pouring off his shoulders.

Saveas stopped, having almost forgotten the thresher claw entirely. He sluggishly waved a pack of insects away from his eyes and scanned his surroundings, looking for some means of egress from the marsh’s grasp. His quarry watched, unseen. The hunter had become the hunted, and the beast sensed that now was the time to strike. It stalked out of the tangled growth, head and shoulders low to the ground but not attempting stealth. It knew when to expect a fight from its prey, and this wasn’t one such time.

The trapped hunter raised his spear listlessly in the direction of the beast’s approach, attempting to keep the point between it and himself. He knew that this was now a matter of life and death, but the exhaustion had taken its toll. The beast slipped forward, getting past the spearhead in a fluid maneuver Saveas didn’t quite follow, and gave him a swipe. Whenever able, thresher claws preferred to toy with their prey. A series of red lines opened on the hunter’s shoulder, exposing the fleshy crimson of torn muscle tissue. A jolt of awareness went through Saveas. He felt as he had hours earlier, energetic, just beginning the hunt, bloodthirsty.

The beast recoiled, sensing the change in its meal. Before he fully realized what he was doing, Saveas drew the tip of his spear down across his chest, opening a clean red line, blood flowing over his ribs as his breathing became heavy. He had never been so alive, so aware. In an instant he hurled the spear, catching the monster square in the throat. The weapon burst out through the back of the thresher claw’s neck in a gory spray. It sounded a gurgling screech for a moment before collapsing with a fetid splash.

Since that day, before any fight, Saveas will lacerate what unscarred parts of his body remain. His limbs and torso are a crisscrossed network of scars, the ghosts of self-inflicted wounds. Many of his brothers in arms look upon this with some revulsion, or at least perplexity. He’s never shared his secret with the others. Now that he has the recognition he’s always sought, he’s not about to hand it over to anyone else. He is a terror on the battlefield. Bloody before the fighting even starts and moving with a speed that defies belief, the pile of dead at his feet grow with each mark he adds to his form.

“Hunt or be hunted”.

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