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“Sakura’s Conviction”


Ukyo Tachibana is a master swordsman andn a talented poet, but as with everyone, he possesses a weakness. Ravaged by tuberculosis, the little time he has left is quickly running out.

The incurable disease that has taken hold of Ukyo has stifled his magical way with words. A great poet that no longer speaks, the disease has taken from him his passion for life, and thus Ukyo stays quiet and reserved. He has become accustomed to the sorrow that haunts him. Though Ukyo’s life seemed gloomy, there was a single, dazzling ray of light cutting through the shadows. That ray of light was called Kei Odagiri, a woman of noble birth who possessed the charm to stir Ukyo’s emotion with but the slightest of smiles. Although Ukyo regarded Ke as his true love, their differences in social status and the inevitability of his early demise made it impossible for them to be together. Nonetheless, Ukyo is determined to show his devotion in some way. Thus, he continues to fight for Kei as her unwavering servant.

Ukyo knew how much Kei adored flowers and set out to find the most beautiful blossom as a gift to her before he succumbed to the disease that festered inside him. He heard tell of a flower which could be found only within the ” Demon World”, and decided seek it out.

Relying on his prowess with a blade, he fought his way through masses of enemies to enter the Demon World and eventually found what he was looking for, the “Ultimate Blossom”. Although he had located his quarry, his lungs began to fail him and he was unable to leave before the doorway to the Demon World permanently closed, leaving him completely ct off from the world he knew.

It seemed as though his final wish would not be fulfilled. The fire inside him was dying out. He would not be able to give the ultimate blossom to his true love. With great regret, Ukyo closed his eyes. Yet his final slumber was seemingly not upon him. With a sharp cough he was reawakened. He did not know so much as the name of his new home, but he was determined to find a way back out. Not knowing if this was the afterlife or just a dream, he resolved to keep a low profile and keep his origins a secret.

“Those who cannot die, know only sorrow.”

Signature Item

Item – Nameless Self-Made Sword

Ukyo Tachibana’s self-crafted, unnamed sword. Simple and unadorned. Shinmusou Ittou Ryu.

Skill – Rage Eruption

This ability can be used once per battle. After using his ultimate ability, Ukyo will be immune to all control abilities for 8 seconds, his Attack Rating will be increased by 20% and his Life Leech attribute will be increased by 10 points.

[+10 Unlocks ] Healing effect is raised by 75% if a critical strike occurs when using a normal attack.
[+20 Unlocks ] Health recovery increased by up to 90% of Attack Rating .
[+30 Unlocks ] Health recovery increased by up to 120% of Attack Rating.



Ukyo leaps at his enemies and unleashes 10 swift attacks against them, dealing 70% AoE damage per attack, with the final attack striking his enemies into the air. Ukyo is immune to all damage while using this ability.

Level 81: Damage increased by up to 80%.
Level 161: Damage increased by up to 90%.

Snowfall Slash

Ukyo swiftly brings his sword out and attacks the enemies standing before him 7 times, dealing 70% AoE damage per attack to them, also interrupting their attacks. Ukyo is immune to all frontal attacks while using this ability.

Level 21: Damage increased by up to 75%
Level 101:Damage increased by up to 80%
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 85%

Phantom Strike

When there are no enemies in close proximity to Ukyo, he will rapidly move near to an enemy and unleash a triple-strike attack against them that deals 180% damage per attack. Each attack will knock back the enemy and cause them to become stunned for 3 seconds.

Level 121: Damage increased by up to 190%
Level 201: Damage increased by up to 200%

Swallow Swipe

Ukyo leaps into the air to attack his enemies, dealing 250% AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Level 141: 60% of the damage caused by this ability will be recovered as Ukyo’s health.
Level 221: Damage increased by up to 290%.

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