AFK Arena Vurk Hero Guide


“The Devious”

Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Agility Damage Dealer Ranged Ascended Back Dura’s Eye Yes

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Hero Guide

Vurk is a ranged damage dealer for the maulers faction. He’s basically Twitch from League of Legends.

His performance on the battlefield generally relies upon enemy positioning. The closer they are together, the higher damage output he can deliver.

He has high burst damage potential at the start of the battle, and decent sustain as well. But it isn’t always reliable, so people have mixed experiences while using him.


  • High damage if enemies are close together.
  • He can damage the enemies backline with attacks that pierce.


  • Very fragile, can die easily.
  • Ultimate ability damage is bad if enemies are spread out.
  • His Invisibly abiltiy doesn’t always reposition him to ideal places.

Team Synergy

He can do well in an all-maulers team.


Position Vurk closest to the weakest frontline hero to have a better chance of Poison Vile proccing. It has to do 15% of the enemy target’s HP.

Hero Skills

Skill Description Level Upgrades


Vurk runs up and down the battlefield for 15 seconds while he fires bolts at multiple enemies. Bolts may pierce enemies, and all enemies struck by the bolt are dealt 70% damage. Level 81: Damage increased by up 85%.
Level 161: Damage increased by up 100%.

Piercing Bolt

Vurk fires a piercing bolt at an enemy that is able to pierce them and strike a second enemy for 5% of the attack’s base damage. Level 21: Bolt damage is increased.
Level 101: Bolt damage is increased. Bolt no longer deals lower damage to secondary targets.
Level 181: Bolt damage is increased. Restores 30 energy for every enemy that is struck.

Poison Vial

Vurk lobs a poison vial at an enemy target that causes 120% damage to them and leaves them poisoned. If the cumulative damage of the poison reaches 15% of the enemy target’s HP, the target will explode, causing damage to the enemy’s surrounding teammates. Level 121: Damage increased by up to 140%.
Level 201: Damage increased by up to 150%.


Vurk makes himself invisible and becomes untargetable for 4 seconds while he swiftly moves to a more advantageous position. When Vurk reappears his Crit Rating is increased by 20% and his Haste is increased by 30% for 6 seconds. Level 141: Increases Crit Rating by 30% and increases Haste by 40% when Vurk reappears.
Level 221: Ability lasts for 7 seconds when Vurk reappears.

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In the teeming warrens of the Durri, one must scratch and fight to seize every small opportunity. A life in the warren is one of watchful patience and frantic, scrabbling action. Compassion is in short supply, and comfort is for most an unattainable concept. Even so, it is a rare Durri who would prefer an open sky and the light of day to the relative safety of his fetid subterranean home. The nature of the lives they live has forged a people as resilient as the rodents they so closely resemble. This combined with their ability to rapidly multiply and their inherent cunning makes them more than capable of taking down enemies much larger than themselves.

The Durri way of war differs greatly from that of most Maulers. They typically go toe to toe with the adversary only when absolutely necessary, preferring to watch and wait for the perfect moment to spring an ambush. Darting out with short knives and unleashing crossbow bolts from the shadows before melting back into the darkness. After the poison coating their weapons to do its work, they return to scavenge from the contorted bodies. Although many Maulers view this as cowardly, they have to concede that it is effective.

Vurk shares his people’s proclivities for this form of combat, but lacks the caution which usually characterizes them. His willingness to take risks sets him apart, and one feat in particular won him a great deal of renown- Entering the twisting nests of the Arachin to plunder their deadly venoms.

The Arachin nests are generally regarded among the most dangerous places in the world, but the audacious Vurk would settle for no less than the most potent poisons for his arsenal. Even among the sly Durri, Vurk exhibits exceptional stealth and cunning. Very few people, Durri or otherwise, could ever sneak through the mazes of web and clattering patrols of the Arachin, let alone make it back out to tell the tale. Vurk claims to have not only accomplished this incredible enterprise, but to have made it all the way to the heart of the prime nest- the very chamber of the Arachin queen herself. If the toxicity of his bolts are any indicator, he was able to do exactly that.

Though it won him no love among their eight-legged allies, the enormity of the deed itself was enough to elevate the Durri in the eyes of the other Mauler tribes. Once word had spread of the success of this seemingly suicidal undertaking, the cunning Durri were looked upon in a new light.

“You can’t defend against what you can’t see.”

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