AFK Arena Fawkes Hero Guide


“Nature’s Heart”


Fawkes is a hero that was added in patch 1.15. He’s a lightbearer and his primary role is dealing damage and removing enemy buffs.

His ultimate ability “Purification” is extremely strong when the timing lines up, it’s capable of removing buffs such as the immunity shield on Brutus. Considering how strong Brutus is during late game, this can be very useful on stages that feature him. It can also remove CC from allies.

He has a single-target CC that will completely lockdown a random enemy. It’s similar to Tasi’s “Banishment”, but it lasts for up to 9 seconds.


Fawkes is a man of few words and there are very few people alive who know his story. Even his real name is seldom used, with most of those in the business referring to him as “Death’s Defeat”- a nickname he acquired through his reputation as a top tier vanquisher of the undead and unnatural. Fawkes pursues his quarry relentlessly, and handles them without mercy.

On the rare occasion that he isn’t working, Fawkes lives a quiet, simple life. Unlike most people, adventure equates to work. This wasn’t always the case, however. As child, he would often venture deep into the dark forests near his home, disappearing into the trees for hours or even days at a time. He wasn’t, however, alone. Fawkes had a companion who matched his childish temerity, Raine.

Once, when exploring the dark heart of the wood, the two young adventurers stumbled upon a yawning cavern. Unable to resist the temptation, they ventured inside. Their luck was against them that day. The cavern was the workspace of a murderous necromancer. The necromancer was present when they entered. He couldn’t let his secret get out, and besides, two fresh bodies were a valuable asset in his line of study.

The two children were no match for the necromancer empowered with vile spells. They were restrained, and the ritual began. Wicked knives were placed beside altars, and strange symbols were drawn on the floor in animal blood. In a twist of extreme fortune, a group of demon hunters had witnessed the children’s entry to the cave and had followed them in, using them as a welcome distraction to catch their prey by surprise. They barreled in, weapons bared and protective incantations swirling around them. Though they had the drop on their target, he managed to escape.

The ritual hadn’t progressed far enough to begin the sacrifices, but nonetheless the children weren’t completely unscathed. Fawkes had already been infected by an incorporeal parasite, an entity possessing an intelligence and a will of its own. Through the stern and careful instruction of his saviors, he learned to control the thing that lived in his left hand. The group trained Fawkes and Raine in the ways of combat, tracking, and survival. Eventually Fawkes even learned to use the parasite as a power source invigorating him with a power unknown to most common folk. The parasite’s will still pulls at his mind, but he’ll never succumb to its force.

Fawkes has no permanent home. He is a nomad, wandering the land in search of those who would inflict their dark machinations on others. Wherever he finds them, he tears them out root and stem.

“If it died once it’ll die again”


Class: Ranger
Type: Agility
Role: Control
Faction: Lightbearer
Artifact: Eye, Blade, Conviction

Signature Item

The Soul Prison

An enchanted casket containing a horde of malicious spirits.

Skill – Purged Perseverance

Raises the defense ratings of all allied heroes by 5% for 5 seconds if they possess more than 60% of their max energy. Affected allies are also impervious to control abilities.

[+10 Unlocks] Defense rating is increased up to 20%.
[+20 Unlocks] Defense rating is increased up to 40%.
[+30 Unlocks] Haste is increased for 8 seconds.



Fawkes deals 130% damage to all enemies on the battlefield and removes the majority of buffs they may be using.

Level 81: Removes majority of de-buffs from allied heroes.
Level 161: Damage increased by up to 140%.


Fawkes reduces an enemy’s attack speed by 35% for 6 seconds.

Level 21: Enemy’s attack speed reduced by 45%.
Level 101: Enemy’s energy regeneration reduced by 60%.
Level 181: Haste is increased for 7.5 seconds.


Fawkes deals 50% damage to an enemy and then locks them in his coffin for 7 seconds. The affected enemy cannot attack or be attacked while inside the coffin.

Level 121: Enemies are marked for 8 seconds.
Level 201: Enemies are marked for 9 seconds.

Silver Bolt

Silver Bolt raises Fawkes’ normal attack damage by 20% and deals a further additional 40% damage to de-buffed enemies.

Level 141: Restores 40 Energy per hit.
Level 221: Normal attack damage increased to 30%.

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