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Class Faction Role Type Rarity Position Artifact Union
Strength Tank, CC Melee/Ranged Front Dura’s Grace Yes

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Hero Guide

Ulmus is a tank hero for the wilders faction. In patch 1.18 his kit was revamped into a more tank-like role.

He used to be a “Jack of all trades, master of none” kind of hero, but now he’s built more like a solid tank with decent healing capabilities. He will no longer move to the backline with his ultimate ability, instead he’ll root himself in the frontline.

His healing was slightly buffed as well, but now he will only heal the weakest ally, instead any hero next to him. This is overall probably a slight nerf.

The changes to him have definitely made him a much more viable hero, especially in PvP stall teams.

Pair him with Nemora, Tasi & Lyca and you’ve got yourself a pretty strong team for PvP. The viability of him in PvE is still in question though, as all tanks except Brutus generally have the same problem of survivability vs higher level enemies.


He can tank, heal himself and allies, while also dishing out decent DPS & CC.


Life Torrent heal is based on current HP, not max HP.

He relies on getting his ultimate off in a battle to reach his maximum potential.


Skill Description Level Upgrades

Deep Roots

Ulmus immediately recovers 40% of his max HP and roots himself to the ground until the end of the bathe. While rooted to the ground, Ulmus is immune to all control abilities and his normal attack turns into a ranged attack that raises his Attack Rating by 40%. If Ulmus possesses enough energy while he is rooted, he will use 35% of his maximum energy to strengthen his normal attack damage and stun effect. Level 81: Energy required to strengthen normal attack is reduced to 30% of max Energy.
Level 161: Attack Rating is raised by 50%.

Writhing Roots

Ulmus uses his roots to entangle nearby enemies, causing 120% damage to them. Enemies that are entangled cannot use any attacks. Level 21: Damage increased by up to 125%.
Level 101: Damage increased by up to 130%.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 135%.

Forest’s Oath

Ulmus casts a shield around his weakest teammate, mitigating up to 200% of the damage they receive. Level 121: Shield restores 4% of lost HP per second while active.
Level 201: Shield reduces up to 220% damage received.

Life Torrent

A passive ability that restores 4% of lost HP per second. Level 141: Weakest ally also receive this ability’s effects.
Level 221: Restores 5% of lost HP per second.

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Patch 1.18

Deep Roots” now immediately restores a certain percentage of Ulmus’ health when used. Ulmus now also moves to the frontline when using this ability as opposed to staying in the backline.

Adjusted level 2 “Life Torrent” ability effects. The ability now affects Ulmus and his weakest ally as opposed to nearby allies which were previously affected.

The percentage for how much Ulmus’ “Life Torrent” ability restores lost health has been increased from the previous 3%/3%/4% up to 4%/4%/5% per each respective ability level.


Ulmus is old even by Treant standards, and he has resided within the forest for all his life. When the forest was first defiled by the Hypogean invasion, his leaves began to wilt, his tough old bark to rot, his calm mind to blur under the affliction that set into him. His roots grew independently of his control and he had no power to stop them. Nearly all of the creatures that had lived among his branches and roots, providing him with companionship and enjoying his protection, fled. He had become an unwitting danger to them.

Struggling with the blight of body and mind, he knew only frustration and sorrow. His roots sank deep into the earth, anchoring him in place. When he tried to move, his branches would sporadically convulse as if electrified. What had he become? Memories of his long life flowed through his consciousness. The countless seasons, the various creatures he had known and lived aside, the esteem gained through years of service and succor, it was all fading. He had given up. He had stopped resisting.

In the deepest throes of defeat, a warm brightness cut through the darkness that surrounded him.

“Hold on, old friend.”

Arden. The wizened little sage pointed his stand at Ulmus’ rotting trunk, illuminating it with a serene yet revitalizing light. The Treant’s overgrown roots reacted as if in pain. They began to writhe and whip about violently, tearing furrows in the polluted earth. Flashing toward the intruder, they wrapped Arden in a sinister embrace. Blood darkened his white beard.

Here Ulmus found the strength he had needed. He had lost everything close to him and had given up, but he wouldn’t stand by and simply watch someone he respected this much be crushed in his own tangle of roots. Arden, his close friend of centuries, gasped what very well may have been his final words. “Forget about me. Free yourself of this sickness. Persist!” Arden’s staff glowed with increasing intensity until nothing could be seen. The light even seemed to block out the sounds of the whipping roots and shaking branches.

When the light dimmed and only the sunbeams filtering through the canopy illuminated the scene, Ulmus was a living symbol of rejuvenation. The overgrown roots had been shed and were already nothing more than dry husks. Withered, dead leaves littered the ground in a thick blanket and were replaced on the Treant’s branches with the small, bright green leaves of spring. The deep fissures in his bark had closed up and his trunk and limbs radiated strength. There was only one problem. Arden had disappeared.

After a brief moment of panic, one of the piles of dead leaves began to rustle before parting to reveal a bewildered old face, blinking the light away. Setting his sights on Ulmus, he lit up with a smile, rising as he brushed down his beard. “It’s good to have you back.”

“Stay strong until spring returns.”

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