AFK Arena Hypogeans Hero Faction Guide

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The Hypogeans are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re both strong and weak against Celestials.

Hero Description Class Role Synergy Position Artifact Union Type

Lucretia is a melee hero that can hunt the highest enemy DPS and deal AoE damage. Her SI allows her to gain attack rating when her allies die, allowing for some crazy DPS in the right scenario. Ranger DPS Any Any Eye No Agility

Mezoth is a tank that can devour enemies. Tank Tank Any Front Grace, Vitality, Drape No Strength

Khazard can control enemies on the battlefield by freezing them. Mage DPS, CC Hypogean Back Eye, Blade, Call No Intelligence

Zolrath is a unique hero that bends the rules of time to overcome his enemies. He will become more powerful as the battle progresses. Warrior Assassin, Sustain DPS Any Back Eye No Agility

Ezizh provides passive energy regen, a mind control and can delay enemies ultimate abilities. Support Support, Tank, CC Any Front/Back Call, Grace, Vitality, Drape No Strength

Mehira can leech the life from her enemies, mind control them and buff allies with energy & haste. Mage DPS, CC, Tank Any Any Call, Eye, Blade No Intelligence

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