This is a full alphabetical list of all characters currently in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Heroes

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This is an overview of all heroes in AFK Arena (excluding common/green ones).

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Albedo is a tank that can shield allies and deal AoE damage to enemies.TankTankAinz Ooal GownFrontGrace, VitalityNoStrength

Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown is a mage caster with high AoE burst damage.MageDPSAlbedoBackEyeNoIntelligence

Ezio is a melee assassin that can debuff enemies and avoid their attacks.RangerDPSAnyAnyEyeNoAgility

Nakoruru is a melee DPS that can interrupt enemies.RangerDPSAnyAnyEyeNoAgility

Ukyo is a melee DPS that can teleport to enemies.WarriorDPSAnyAnyEyeNoAgility

Arthur is a tank that can buff allies behind him.TankTankGwynethFronmtVitality, GraceNoStrength



Oscar is a melee assassin that uses his knives to teleport and slice enemies up.RangerDPSLightbearersBackEye, Call, BladeNoStrength

Cecilia is a melee assassin with high single target damage.RangerDPSAthaliaAnyEye, Blade, CallNoStrength

Rigby is a tank that can deal AoE damage.WarriorTankLightbearersFrontGrace, Vitality, DrapeNoStrength

Gwyneth is a ranged hero that shoots enemies down with her bow. She's more powerful when allies are near her on the battlefield. Extremely high burst damage potential.RangerDPS, DebufferArthurBackEyeNoStrength

Rosaline is a very unique hero that will follow her strongest ally in battle to heal and buff them.SupportSupport, HealerShemira, Athalia, BrutusBackCallNoIntelligence

Rowan uses his gold coins to grant allies energy and stun enemies. He can also drop health potions for allies.SupportSupport, HealerLightbearersBackCallNoIntelligence

Hendrik is a very durable and CC heavy tank. He can also protect one backline ally from fatal damage once per battle.TankTank, CCLightbearers, Strong Mages/RangedFrontGraceNoStrength

Lucius is a strong support/tank hybrid. He can heal and shield allies, but still take a beating on the frontline. Damage output is low though.TankTank (Heal, Shield)Nemora, BrutusFrontCall, Grace, VitalityYesStrength

Belinda is a magic caster that can buff her allies with crit and deal high AoEburst damage to enemies.MageDPS (AoE, Buffer)Raine, Lyca, Estrilda, ThaneBackEyeYesIntelligence

Fawkes is a ranged DPS that can remove buffs & apply debuffs to enemies. He can also lock an enemy inside a coffin for up to 9 seconds, completely taking them out of the battle.RangerDPS (CC)LightbearersBackCall, Eye, Blade, ConvictionYesAgility

Estrilda can provide energy regen & damage reduction for her allies. She's also capable of decent burst damage.WarriorDPS (Buffer, Burst)Belinda, Raine, ShemiraAnyGrace, Eye, VitalityYesStrength

Thane is a glass cannon melee DPS that relies heavily on critical strikes. His ultimate makes him immune to all damage, but he's fairly fragile before level 141.RangerDPSBelinda, Raine, BrutusAnyEyeYesAgility

Raine is a strong Support/DPS hero that can increase the damage taken by heroes and regen allies energy. Her ult can snowball games, but she's pretty useless on her own.SupportSupport, DPSShemira, Belinda, Silvina, Estrilda, LycaBackCallYesAgility

Hogan is a high HP tank with some decent CC that can be applied quickly. His damage is lacking though compared to other tanks.TankTank (CC)Nemora, Angelo, NumisuFrontGrace, VitalityYesStrength

Mirael is an anti-magic hero with decent AoE burst damage.MageDPSRaineBackEye, Blade, Call, ConvictionYesIntelligence

Morvus is a ranged DPS with high sustain AoE damage. He can stun enemies and finish off weak ones.RangerDPSRaine, BelindaBackEye, Blade, Call, ConvictionYesAgility

Angelo is one of the few pure healers in the game. His heals are quite weak and he does no damage, but his silence can be useful sometimes.SupportSupport (Heal, Silence)TanksBackCallYesIntelligence



Drez is a melee/ranged hybrid hero.RangerDPSMaulersBackEyeNoAgility

Anoki is an offensive based tank with crowd control.TankTank, CCMaulersFrontGrace, Drape, VitalityNoStrength

Skriath is a mage capable of controlling sand and dealing AoE damage to enemies.MageDPS, AoEMaulersBackEye, Call, BladeNoIntelligence

Tidus is a bursty melee DPS hero that can slice his enemies down.RangerDPSMaulersBackBlade, Call, EyeNoAgility

Satrana is a melee hero that strikes her enemies down with fire damage. She excels in burst and AoE damage.MageBurst, AoEMaulersAnyEyeYesIntelligence

Antandra is a tank hero that is capable of dealing burst damage to enemies.TankTank, BurstMaulersFrontGrace, Vitality, DrapeYesAgility

Safiya is a fire mage capable of casting powerful orbs to destroy her enemies. She can also buff allies and debuff enemies.MageDPS (Buffer, Debuffer)EironnBackCallYesIntelligence

Khasos is a ranged/melee hybrid that provides lifeleech for his allies.WarriorDPSMaulersAnyEye, Blade, ConvictionYesStrength

Brutus is an extremely strong melee DPS that can carry teams. His kit includes an immunity shield, life-leech & damage scaling with low HP. He's essential for any team.TankDPS, TankAgility/Strength heroesFrontBlade, Eye, GraceYesStrength

Numisu summons totems to aid his allies. The totems can provide healing to his team, and distract enemies by taunting them.IntelligenceSupport (Heal, Buffer)Brutus, Saveas, VurkBackCall, ConvictionYes

Warek is a DPS/Tank hybrid that can quickly take out an enemy frontline hero with his Bonebreaker, but it can also backfire and get your backline killed.WarriorDPS (CC)SafiyaFrontEye, GraceNoStrength

Vurk is a ranged DPS with good sustain damage, especially when enemies are closer together.RangerDPSNumisuBackEye, Blade, ConvictionYesAgility

Skreg is a unique tank that utilizes his mount to stomp and knockdown enemies.TankTank (CC)MaulersFrontGrace, VitalityNoStrength

Saveas sacrifices his own health to increase his damage, the more HP he has, the more DPS he does. Although he can take a lot of hits, he still needs to be placed behind a tank on the frontline. Union buff is important.RangerDPSBrutus, Khasos, NumisuBackEyeYesAgility

Golus is a very basic tank. He's capable of taking a lot of damage and can knockback enemies.TankTankHealersFrontGrace, VitalityNoStrength

Ankhira is a squishy hero that can increase her allies physical damage by reducing enemy armor. She can also stun enemies and drain their energy.MageDPS (Debuffer, CC)Physical DPS & non-AoE heroesFrontGrace, VitalityYesIntelligence



Saurus is a melee DPS with high boss damage.WarriorDPSAnyAnyEye, Call, BladeNoStrength

Solise is a mage that can summon flowers to aid her in battle.MageDPS, CCRosalineBackEye, Call, BladeNoIntelligence

Lorsan can deal AoE damage, increase enemy damage taken and shield allies.MageDPS, AoEZolrathBackEye, CallNoIntelligence

Gorvo is a tank capable of stunning enemies and shielding himself.TankTankHealersFrontGrace/Vitality/DrapeNoStrength

Eironn is a melee DPS that can pull enemies towards him, summon tornadoes and deal increased damage to shielded enemies.RangerDPSBrutus, Ezizh, ThaneAnyGrace/EyeNoAgility

Kaz is hero that relies heavily on dodging enemy attacks. She can act as a tank and excels in long battles.RangerDamage DealerNemora, LuciusFront/BackGrace/Eye/BladeYesAgility

Lyca is a support that can provide her team with a strong opener. She can buff allies and give them energy.RangerDamage Dealer (Buffer)Nemora, Arden, Raine, Tasi, ShemiraBack/FrontGrace/EyeYesAgility

Nemora can heal allies and charm enemies to attack each other.SupportSupport (Heal, CC)Lyca, Tasi, Arden, Brutus, LuciusBack/FrontVitality/Grace/DrapeYesIntelligence

Seirus is a control oriented tank that can CC enemies and deal AoE damage.WarriorTank (CC)WildersFrontGrace/Vitality/DrapeNoStrength

Tasi is a support hero with powerful CC that teleport away from enemies. Her ult can lockdown an entire team, and she can also banish the strongest enemy at the start of the game.SupportSupport (CC, Heal)Lyca, NemoraBackCallYesIntelligence

Ulmus is a tank that can heal himself and allies.TankTank, DPS, Heal, CCWildersAnyVitality/Grace/DrapeYesStrength

Ira can debuff enemies and has an ult that can kill enemies quickly if there is fewer of them to target.RangerDPS (Debuffer)Brutus, Belinda, Raine, Lyca, Tasi, NemoraBack Top/BottomCall/EyeYesAgility

Ogi is a weak tank with decent CC. He relies heavily on being backed up by strong DPS.TankTank (CC)Strong DPSFrontVitality/Grace/DrapeYesStrength

Arden is a support with one of the best CCs in the game that can root up to 3 enemies at the same time.MageSupport (CC)Lyca, NemoraBackCall/EyeYesIntelligence



Silas is currently the only Graveborn that's capable of healing other heroes.SupportSupportGravebornBackAnyNoIntelligence

Theowyn is a melee DPS that can turn into a spectral and curse her enemies.RangerDPSGravebornBackEyeNoAgility

Daimon is an AoE tank that can steal health from enemies and turn it into a shield for himself.TankTankIzold, SaurusAnyAnyYesStrength

Torne is an offensive based tank.TankTankGravebornFrontVitality, Call, GraceNoStrength

Oden is a mage that can drain the energy from enemies and deal AoE damage.MageDPS, AoEGravebornBackCall, Eye, BladeNoIntelligence

Izold is a tank that can self-regenerate health during battle. With his SI, he can increase his attack power by taking damage. WarriorTankGravebornFrontVitality, Grace, DrapeNoStrength

Kelthur is a shuriken wielding DPS hero, capable of displacing enemies and resurrecting as a ghost when he dies.RangerDPSGravebornAnyEye, BladeNoAgility

Baden can summon phantoms to vanquish his foes. The more phantoms on the battlefield, the higher his DPS output will be and they'll also reduce his damage taken.WarriorDPS, Off-TankLyca, Estrilda, LuciusAnyGrace, Call, EyeNoAgility

Nara is a very disruptive hero on the battlefield, capable of using stuns, grips and can drain energy from enemies when they attack her. She can also bypass their defense and invincibility effects.WarriorBurst DPSSilvina, Thoran, Niru, Athalia, NaraBackEyeNoStrength

Ferael is all about control. He can stun enemies and decrease their energy regen. He lacks burst, but his damage can be quite high over longer battles. Many of his top tier skill unlocks are at higher levels.RangerDPS, CCStall TeamsBackCall/EyeNoAgility

Grezhul can summon undead minions that can distract enemies. He can also provide an anti-magic shield for his allies, this shield absorbs more damage for other graveborns.TankTank, Anti-Magic ShieldGraveborn, LuciusFrontGrace/Drape/VitalityYesStrength

Isabella can deal high burst damage to help nuke down weak targets for a fast kill.MageBurst DPSSilvina, Thoran, Niru, Athalia, NaraBackEye/BladeYesIntelligence

Shemira is a powerful mage capable of dealing massive AoE damage to enemies, while also leeching life from them. She can also silence one enemy mage. MageDPS, CC, AoERosaline, Raine, Lyca, Elijah & LailahBackBlade/Call/Eye/GraceNoIntelligence

Thoran is a tank that can self-resurrect once when killed during a battle. He will do more damage to lower level enemies and can redirect damage to the weakest enemy.TankTankSilvina, Niru, Athalia, NaraFrontGrace/Drape/VitalityYesStrength

Niru is a mage that can tank enemies and heal allies with his lifeleech. He grows in strength when an enemy is killed.MageDPS, HealerIsabella, Silvina, Thoran, AthaliaAnyGraceNoIntelligence

Silvina is an assassin style hero that can nuke down mages at the start of the game.RangerBurst DPSIsabella, Silvina, Thoran, Niru, Athalia, NaraAnyEyeYesAgility

Vedan can overwhelm enemies with his life-leech and burst damage. He cannot be attacked while he's using his ult. RangerDPS, TankCC HeroesAnyGrace/Call/Blade/EyeYesAgility



Zaphrael is a glass cannon mage that teleports into enemies and deals AoE damage.MageDPSEironnBackEyeNoIntelligence

Flora is a mage that flies up in the sky and deals damage to enemies from above. She can't be targetted by anyone during a battle.MageDPSTalene, TanksAnyAnyNoIntelligence

Wu Kong
Wu Kong can clone himself to avoid enemy damage and CC.WarriorTank, DPSLuciusFrontGrace, VitalityNoStrength

Talene can never die, she will be reborn after every death. She can also heal 2 allies when 10% of her HP is lost.SupportEverythingEverythingBackEye, Blade, CallNoAgility

Orthros is a tank that bends the rules of time to defeat his enemies.TankTank, DebufferAnyAnyGrace, Vitality, DrapeYesStrength

Elijah & Lailah
Elijah & Lailah are two heroes for the price of one. They can both fight separately on the battlefield. One is a melee and the other is a mage.SupportBuffer, RegenLucius, AthaliaBackCall, EyeNoIntelligence

Athalia is a unique melee assassin. She will instantly attack the enemy opposite it her with burst damage, making her positioning very important. She takes less damage when more allies are alive.RangerAssassin, BurstElijah & LailahAnyEyeNoAgility



Lucretia is a melee hero that can hunt the highest enemy DPS and deal AoE damage. Her SI allows her to gain attack rating when her allies die, allowing for some crazy DPS in the right scenario.RangerDPSAnyAnyEyeNoAgility

Mezoth is a tank that can devour enemies.TankTankAnyFrontGrace, Vitality, DrapeNoStrength

Khazard can control enemies on the battlefield by freezing them.MageDPS, CCHypogeanBackEye, Blade, CallNoIntelligence

Zolrath is a unique hero that bends the rules of time to overcome his enemies. He will become more powerful as the battle progresses.WarriorAssassin, Sustain DPSAnyBackEyeNoAgility

Ezizh provides passive energy regen, a mind control and can delay enemies ultimate abilities.SupportSupport, Tank, CCAnyFront/BackCall, Grace, Vitality, DrapeNoStrength

Mehira can leech the life from her enemies, mind control them and buff allies with energy & haste.MageDPS, CC, TankAnyAnyCall, Eye, BladeNoIntelligence
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